Zyro Website Builder: Test Review 2020

Zyro isn’t just another ecommerce builder. It’s a modern-day platform designed to help businesses showcase a realistic and user-friendly view of their websites.

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    After testing numerous website builders, we can underline the fact that Zyro website builder is, without a doubt, the easiest, the most intuitive, and thus, the most user-friendly interface we’ve ever worked on. AI-powered tools handle all the heavy lifting while giving you complete creative control. 

    We tested every feature and functionality of the platform to bring you an unbiased, comprehensive, and first-hand experience in this Zyro website builder review. Keep reading to see how this platform stacks up against other big names in 2020.


    Thanks to a ton of AI-driven ecommerce features, setting up an online store using this platform is straightforward and streamlined during every step of the process.

    Design And Themes

    The platform offers hundreds of pre-designed templates created by professionals. Once signed in to the platform, you’ll be provided access to templates covering ecommerce, business, professional portfolios, landing pages, and other niches.

    All you need to do is preview the templates, select the one that matches your needs best, and start building. One of our favorite aspects of this process is its sheer simplicity. You can click on any element within the page to edit its content and overall appearance without writing a single line of code. You’ll readily be able to reposition elements by using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 

    Apps And Add-ons

    Unfortunately, Zyro doesn’t have a vast app marketplace like Wix or Shopify. Yet, it still allows you to easily integrate third-party apps like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Pixel, and Hotjar. 

    Once you’re done choosing and designing the template, you can go to Settings > Integrations, then select the add-ons you need, all without extra costs.

    AI-Driven Tools

    Zyro stands out from other platforms because of its excellent AI tools. The AI Writer, for example, can populate your website with related content based on your industry choice. 

    According to Zyro, their AI Writer is based on GPT-2 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer). This state-of-the-art deep-learning model was developed by OpenAI, a research institute founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk.

    Other AI-driven features include the AI Heatmap, which helps store owners improve their user experience and boost conversions by alerting you to user behavior at the click of a button. Powered by Hotjar, this feature allows you to rearrange website elements in a manner designed to maximize conversions

    You can explore how these AI-driven tools work on the Zyro website builder tutorial available on the official website. 

    Name Generator For Slogans And Business Names

    You’ll gain access to additional AI-driven tools like AI Slogan Generator, AI Business Name Generator, AI Blog Title Generator, and a Logo Maker for premium plans. Just enter a couple of keywords into the AI Slogan Maker, and the tool will suggest dozens of slogans in less than a minute.

    Stuck trying to find a catchy name for your business? Worry not. Zyro’s AI Business Name Generator has you covered. All you need to do is enter a few preferred words, and the platform will immediately generate hundreds of names at the click of a button. 

    Language Options

    The Ecommerce Plus plan supports all languages. You can easily select an additional language for your store to provide your customers with a localized experience. You don’t need to put in any extra effort to display multilingual content on your store, thanks to the built-in translator feature supplied by Zyro.


    To keep your customers and audience engaged, you’re able to add social media links and icons to your website, including headings, images, buttons, and direct links to social media posts. If you’re interested in running social media ads, automate your marketing efforts and target the right audiences using tailor-made ads for Facebook and Google. 

    All websites are optimized for search results by default. Additionally, premium users receive free SSL certificates and optimized metadata for added SEO benefits. If you still wish to optimize the website, you can easily do so with intuitive built-in SEO tools.

    The platform also has a strong blogging feature, which is accessible with a click. You don't need to build a new page or choose its structure. Simply press the Blog button inside the Editor. After that, you'll enter a ready-to-use section where you can add new posts with dates, names, and short previews automatically created by the system. 


    All users will add third-party tools Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel to track and analyze customer data. You’ll be able to manage your inventory and product pricing across multiple platforms, manage campaigns, and stay on top of your marketing goals from a single dashboard.

    Email Marketing

    There isn’t a built-in email marketing tool within the platform. Moreover, we couldn’t find any extensions or integrations for the third-party apps listed in the marketplace. That said, you can always use free email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Moosend, or others to set-up and run targeted campaigns until paid versions are within financial reach.

    Importing And Exporting Products

    Importing and exporting products from your online store is quick and easy. You’ll be able to edit every element of your product list across all marketplaces from a single dashboard. The platform allows you to import CSV, LiteCommerce, and XCart listings seamlessly. It enables you to define your products’ attributes, including color, size, and other custom options. What’s more, you’ll be able to preview your listings on the backend before they go live on the website.

    Alternatively, you can also add products to your website one at a time by using the Add New Product option from your dashboard. The Store Manager feature lets you allocate any item you want, set the number of featured items to be displayed, and activate a function that randomly highlights the featured items.

    Pricing Plans

    One of the best attributes of Zyro’s service is the pricing plan. If you’re someone who wants to set up an online store without much investment (and a lot of freebies), this is a definite bonus. 

    Here’s a quick comparison of the pricing structure:






    500 MB hosting storage, Free 1 million+ images from Unsplash



    3 GB Bandwidth, 1 GB storage, Custom Domain, Free SSL and Hosting, Free Domain for one year, AI, SEO, and Blogging tools



    All Basic Benefits, App Integration, Free SSL and Hosting



    All basic benefits: app integrations, ecommerce tools (limited)

    Ecommerce Plus


    All basic benefits, all ecommerce features, no limits on products, ability to sell across marketplaces

     Other Features

    Additional features include:

    Customer Support

    24/7 email and live chat support

    Mobile Management

    Mobile-responsive templates and elements. Store owners can easily manage the website from mobile devices.

    Payment Options

    Allows you to accept both offline and online payments and the integration of 70+ payment gateways.

    Multilingual Website

    Yes, available with Ecommerce Plus plan

    Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Yes, available with Ecommerce plus plan


    Free SSL. All payments are processed through PCI-DSS compliant secure servers

    What Is Easy For Users On Zyro?

    • You’ll find it extremely straightforward to design your online store using the grid-based drag-and-drop visual editor
    • Artificial intelligence-powered content and slogan generator tools will help produce convincing texts that can serve as the basis of your site’s content, thus saving you time and money
    • Enjoy fully-featured ecommerce functionality at a lower cost than other site builders
    • Access 1 million+ free images make designing easier
    • Tailor-made ads for Google and Facebook
    • Heatmaps and analytics for easy remarketing

    What Is Difficult For Users On Zyro?

    • Cheaper packages have limited features
    • You won’t get a free account to test the functionality of the system beforehand
    • It gets a bit difficult to switch templates on the go
    • Limited app integrations

    Successful Ecommerce Stores Using Zyro

    You can choose from many pre-designed templates covering niches such as blogs, stores, creative portfolios, and many more. Check out our picks for the best ecommerce stores that you absolutely must seek inspiration from:

    1. Everlane

    Featuring a minimalist black and white design, this ecommerce store has found the right way to entice visitors. Clear images and typography mixed with straight lines ensure that the users navigate around the website with ease.

    1. The Raw Chocolate Shop

    Another simplistic and clean design, this highly-accessible and organized chocolate store delivers a super comfortable browsing experience. The secondary menu is a nice touch to make sure that visitors stay on track. An additional advantage is the darker shade of purple, which highlights sale items to boost sales further.

    1. Lunya

    This sleepwear brand makes the best use of minimalism, visual imagery, and catchy headlines to make curious visitors click on the CTA for more information. A simple navigation menu and on-page elements add to the overall user experience.

    Alternatives To Zyro

    This Zyro review bases its service on first-hand testing of the premium features and functionalities of the platform. Overall, it’s a great site builder for beginners and those who wish to set up a store and start selling online with a limited budget and time.

    Still, if you’re looking for more features to propel your ecommerce business, check out these alternatives:


    1.   Is Zyro a free website builder?

    No, you need to subscribe to a premium plan to start building a website.

    2.   Does Zyro use AI-driven features?

    Yes, it does. It offers AI-powered tools like Slogan Generator, Writer, Heatmap, Business Name Generator, and Blog Title Generator.

    3.   How can Zyro's AI help me to build a website?

    Once you select your industry/type, the AI Writer tool will generate relevant content based on the same. This will serve as the basis of your website, but you can further edit it to build the website as per your liking.

    4.   Is Zyro good for beginners?

    It’s one of the best site builders for beginners. You’ll be able to customize every element of the website using simple drag-drop and AI-powered tools.

    5.   Is Zyro good for small businesses?

    The platform doesn’t charge a hefty commission, and premium plans are at least 25% -30% lower than most site builders. So, yes, it’s an excellent fit for small and medium-sized businesses.