Wix Review 2020: What is easy and not easy using Wix!

Wix is a leading website builder platform that allows you to create a high-quality website for your products. With the Wix store builder, you can craft a customized online presence with complete design freedom. 

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    We explored the features, functions, add-ons, and applications of this store builder and these are the results of our in-depth analysis.


    Design and Themes

    Wix offers clients complimentary HTML website templates spanning a wide range of options.

    The beautifully-designed templates cover multiple categories including:

    • Business
    • Online store
    • Restaurants & food
    • Photography
    • Video and design
    • Music
    • Health & wellness
    • Fashion & style
    • Landing pages

    and many more. They make it easy to pick a template that best meets your company's needs. Templates are geared towards creating a commanding online presence, and it does this by way of stylish designs with feature-rich options for clients, with no technical expertise necessary. 

    Apps and Add-ons

    Wix is compatible with hundreds of apps, add-ons, and extensions. All of these are presented to clients in the Wix App Market.

    Some of the popular options include the following: Forum, Pro Gallery, Site Booster, Forms, 123FormBuilder, Events Calendar, Comments, Site Search, Form Builder Plus+, Social Media Stream, Live Chat, Sell Downloads, Moovit – Maps & Routes.

    These applications are available as free or premium options, with on-page statistics to easily see the number of downloads, the user rating, and the pricing option.

    This cloud-based site builder boasts a large and growing number of compatible extensions.

    Language Options

    Wix now provides clients with a multilingual solution for targeting customers all over the world. The new solution has replaced the old multilingual solution.

    The subscribers get to enjoy a professional website with multi-language capabilities. As a site owner, you begin by creating your online store in your primary language. Next, secondary languages can simply be enabled with Wix Multilingual.

    Instead of creating a duplicate page, it creates an entirely new version of each page on your website in a different language. This makes the process of edits across multiple languages much easier; if you add a button, it automatically updates through the translation mechanism. With 90+ languages supported on the multilingual system, it is much easier to interact with clients, build brand loyalty, and develop a strong online presence. Language-specific SEO options are also provided.


    Wix has recently launched the beta version of its fully responsive website creation platform called “Editor X”, which offers a variety of advanced tools. The company has called this release “the ultimate creation platform from Wix”, and it was made especially for agencies and designers.

    Editor X provides more advanced build, design and customization options than ever before, with enhanced flexibility. This addition also makes constructing complex websites easier than ever, without the need to use any code.

    Some of the new features include:

    • An advanced 2D-layout system based on CSS Grid
    • Text, anchor, and media scaling for seamless responsiveness across devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)
    • Custom breakpoints so you can create designs for any viewport
    • Flexible canvas and enhanced navigation for a smoother user interface
    • Enhanced sizing control for advanced-level element configuration
    • Built-in responsiveness matched to the site’s color palette
    • Flex Layouter for automatic content resizing

    These new updates were much needed to provide users with the same ease as before, but with greatly improved functionality and options.


    Social Integration and Sales Channels 

    As a leading website builder platform, Wix understands how important it is to have compatible social integration and sales channels. To this end, a powerful set of tools is provided for increasing your online presence for sales purposes, marketing, and reach on social media platforms. A variety of social tools is provided for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The social tools are available in a free or premium format. Popular social options include Instagram Pro for promoting your products on Instagram, Facebook (likes, page likes, shares, comments, live messenger, and like popup options), Twitter, Wix Online Store, Pinterest, and YouTube among others. Social integration is central to boosting the strength of your online marketing campaign.

    SEO Tools

    Wix provides business owners with a wide range of SEO tools and resources. Many complementary options are available in addition to premium tools.

    The Wix blog is a great place to start for tips, guides, and advice on search engine optimization. SEO resources including keyword optimization, meta tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and image optimization for your business.

    A variety of free tools is available, including

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • SEO Wiz
    • Moz Toolbar
    • Email Hunter
    • Buzzsumo,
    • Answer the Publi,
    • Ubersuggest and others. The SEO guide is powerful enough to meet the needs of enterprise-level corporations, and small and medium companies. It features basics, keyword research, advanced SEO, and SEO for Small Businesses.

    The features allow for instant Google indexing, full mobile optimization, and rapid load times.

    Custom Fields

    Wix custom fields can easily be added to the checkout. The custom fields are useful for collecting valuable information about customers making purchases at your store. They include a variety of options such as VAT ID, tax ID, birthday, URLs, educational institution, contact information, comments/feedback, and other options.

    Custom fields can be added to the ‘Store Settings’ tab from the dashboard. They can also be added from the ‘Contact List’ under ‘More Actions’, ‘Manage Custom Fields’. Corvid by

    The website builder allows for additional customizing options from your site members. Adding and deleting fields is easily done from the editor.

    As a subscriber, you simply need to pick the applicable element, category, and add or remove custom field items.

    Reporting Tools

    Reporting tools a.k.a. tracking and analysis are powerful applications that are available to all Wix site owners. The Tracking Tools & Analytics feature can monitor all marketing campaigns, website traffic, and provide you as the site owner with all the behind-the-scenes data regarding the performance of your website.

    This includes visitor interaction, visitor behavior, and fully optimized online marketing strategies. Accessing the reporting tools is as easy as navigating to your site’s dashboard settings, clicking on Tracking & Analytics, and selecting Advanced Settings.

    Adding new tools is easily done, courtesy of several powerful reporting solutions, notably Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Custom, Verification Code, and Yandex Metrica. Only published sites qualify for tracking tools and analytics. All third-party integrations are offered by third-party providers, not Wix. 

    Email Marketing

    Wix email marketing is geared towards professionally managing your campaign. It all begins with selecting a stylish template, adding content, context, and initiating the marketing campaign.

    The options at Wix make it possible to promote all products at your store, send newsletters, make announcements, and send invitations to planned events. The eMarketing options are tailored to spec, with unique landing pages, and customizable content. facilitates the creation of unique marketing content with a few quick clicks.

    Email marketing can also be posted to social media platforms, with easy contact integration, steps management, social sharing options, ready-made templates, and customizable styles.

    Importing and Exporting Products

    Importing and exporting products to/from your Wix store is entirely possible. Bulk changes for store inventory are possible through the import function with a CSV file.

    You begin at the Store Product Tab from the dashboard. This means that you need to download a template file (if migrating from another platform, column titles must be left unedited).

    Next, click on Export All Products, select the export option, to a CSV file, mark the checkboxes alongside the specific products that will be exported, confirm and then download the CSV file of all the products at your store.

    Mac users will be required to open the CSV file with Excel 15+, or Numbers.


    Wix pricing options include 4 unique categories for traditional websites and 4 business & e-commerce premium plans. The following pricing options are available:


    VIP First Priority Support – Billed at $39 per month with unlimited bandwidth and 20 GB of storage.
    Pro Complete Online Branding – Billed at $22 per month with unlimited bandwidth and 20 GB of storage.
    Unlimited Entrepreneurs & Freelancers – Billed at $17 per month with unlimited bandwidth and 10 GB of storage.
    Combo for Personal Use – Billed at $13 per month with 2 GB of bandwidth and 3 GB of storage.

    Business & e-commerce:

    Business Basic Accept Online Payments – Billed at $23 per month with 100% commission free trading, unlimited bandwidth, and 20 GB of storage.
    Business Unlimited Grow Your Business – Billed at $27 per month with 100% commission free trading, unlimited bandwidth, and 35 GB of storage.
    Business VIP – Billed at $49 per month with 100% commission free trades, unlimited bandwidth, and 50 GB of storage.
    Enterprise End-to-End Business Solution – Billed at $500 per month with onboarding & scaleup, professional services, maintenance and infrastructure, security, support, and business integration. 

    Other Features

    SupportThe Wix Help Center is the go-to service for finding all the information you need. Help topics include billing and plans, domains and mailboxes, mobile story editor, site management, account management, technical issues, media and marketing, SEO and more. Subscribers can contact support for general help and questions, affiliate queries and general community assistance. 
    SecurityWix is PCI compliant (PCI DSS), ISO compliant, and TLS (Transport Layer Security) certified. Customer security in online stores is assured by way of HTTPS/TLS encryption. All payment gateways on the platform are compliant with the highest industry standards. The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure protocol adds an additional layer of security to online browsing activity. 
    ShippingThere are three types of shipping options. These include Standard, Priority, and Express Shipping. SMEs can display the options in the shopping cart by navigating to the Editor, clicking on My Store, Store Pages, and choosing Cart from the list. Additional options are available for hiding ‘shipping and tax estimates if required. Shipping by weight, flat rate, and free shipping options are examples of their rules. Their services also include overnight shipping.
    Payment optionsThey accept a variety of payment methods, including debit cards and credit cards. The accepted credit cards currently include JCB, UnionPay, Diners, American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. The currently accepted debit cards include MasterCard and Visa. No options for premium plans or third-party apps are available with PayPal. Choosing payment methods for your site is possible by clicking on ‘Accept Payments’, picking the method you want, clicking Connect Me, and completing the setup.
    TaxWix provides detailed information for setting up taxes for Europe and the US. Taxes are easily managed by Avalara, but it's also possible to manually set it up for online stores outside the US. SMEs can tailor tax options in Wix Stores by deselecting the costs from checkboxes. POS (point of sale) tax rules can be set up from the General Info tab through settings.
    DropshippingDrop shipping options are available through several services, including Printful and Modalyst. Printful offers drop shipping services with print on demand. Modalyst offers dozens of product categories and the ability to dropship products from your store to your customers. Both of these options are easy to set up in your account.
    Abandoned cart recoveryReminder options are available through Wix Stores. These options can help businesses boost their revenue by recovering lost sales through abandoned carts.  With Wix, you can view abandoned carts by hovering over the cart, clicking show more, and copying the Cart URL. The Customer's Contact Panel can also be opened at your leisure. Coupons can be sent to buyers from the ‘Chat Tab’ to encourage them to complete purchases.
    Managing store on a mobile deviceStore management is possible through the Dashboard, by clicking on Manage Store. It is easy to grow your business and build relationships with clientele through the mobile app. Other available categories include groups, the forum, and the blog.

    What is Easy for Users on Wix?

    • Offers hundreds of templates for site owners to choose from. It’s really easy to build a beautiful site with no design or technical experience.
    • Stores load up pretty quickly, with rapid loading times in the US in Europe.( it used to take some time to load the sites but the provider worked on it) 
    • Drag & drop functionality is one of the main reasons why people choose Wix as their preferred website builder

    What is Difficult for Users on Wix?

    • If you’re serious about analytics, the paid plan options are the only alternative. 
    • You can not ‘move’ your site from Wix to a non-Wix platform. 
    • The sites are not ideal for SEO ( you cant use unique URLs for different languages)

    Examples of Wix Users

    • Zoe & Amelia - https://mofluid.com/wix-wedding-website 
    • Aroma Shop - https://www.aromashop.in/ 
    • Animal Music – https://www.animalmusicweb.com/ 

    Alternatives to Wix

    Wix is one of the world's favorite website builders, and for good reason. However, there are several high-ranking alternatives that you can choose from:

    Weebly – A ranking website builder for SMEs across the board. The drag-and-drop editor is ideal for user-friendly functionality.
    WordPress - WordPress is fully customizable, but requires a degree of technical proficiency. It's great for blogging and you have a lot of creative freedom with templates.
    GoDaddy – instantly recognizable brand with plenty of pay-to-use features and a powerful business presence.

    Wix FAQs 

    Am I allowed to use my own domain name?

    Yes, you are, but only with the premium plan options. That means you have to upgrade to connect your own domain.

    Is there a Free Trial option?

    Yes, they offer a 14-day trial period when you have a premium plan. You can cancel within the first 14 days after you have upgraded from free to premium. 

    Does Wix sell SSL certification?

    Yes! All of the options are enabled for HTTPS.

    Do they provide hosting services?

    Yes! hosting is completely free.  500 MB bandwidth and 500 MB of storage.

    Is it possible to change my account at any time?

    Yes! Simply sign into your account and head over to the control panel. Navigate to account settings and make the necessary changes.

    Do they handle shipping for me?

    You can set up shipping through your Wix account by weight rule, price range, store pickup, flat rate shipping, and other options.

    Is Wix a good option for eCommerce?

    It most certainly is! And there are loads of templates to choose from. It's great for small business websites across the board.

    What is the best alternative to Wix?

    We think that Weebly is a great alternative to Wix. Its drag-and-drop ready, and easy to use.