WebsiteBuilder Review 2020: What’s Possible?

When a business decides to build an eCommerce website to expand its reach, the task of choosing which provider to create one with can seem quite overwhelming. There are 1000s of choices, all of them claiming to be unique. Today, we’ll assess the features and services of WebsiteBuilder, a (sometimes) free portal, promising ‘perfect designs’, free trials, and more.

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Table of Contents


    Design and Themes

    • In-built logo making tools - With some basic information from the client, this tool creates a unique logo to fit your brand
    • Blogging tools - Attractive templates for blog creation, which might be used to share ideas, answer common queries or announce new products
    • Intelligent builder - Selects a suitable layout as a starting point, complete with images and some basic content, from which the client can personalize to perfection

    Apps and addons

    With the ‘App Market’ tool, developers have the option to introduce external apps and addons to a website, simply by downloading through the ‘services’ section of the portal. However, there’s also a limited selection of integrations already provided, including:

    • Google Calendar
    • Audioboom
    • Spreaker
    • Soundcloud
    • Twitch
    • Twitch Clips
    • Buy Me a Coffee
    • Kofi

    Language options

    Another vital tool when building a brand online is the ability to translate languages. WebsiteBuilder offers a fair range of languages for clients to write text in, which will appeal to businesses with a global workforce. However, disappointingly, the service doesn’t offer dual-language pages. So, whichever language is chosen, a huge amount of potential clients will struggle to access the online store.


    Social integration and sales channels

    It’s possible to add buttons linking to popular social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. This can be done through the dashboard, and it’s possible to link these platforms from anywhere on the website.

    SEO tools

    As customers build a website, the provider offers guidance on how each element can be best written or utilized to stand out and rise in the rankings of search engines like Google and Bing.

    Email marketing

    The service uses ‘CreativeMail’. It helps to create templates, newsletters, sales guides, and anything needed to get information to a lot of people, quickly. The key premise of the tool is to send the same information to multiple users without being diverted by spam filters. If it works, this could be a great way to increase customer engagement. On the other hand, if overused, it could annoy customers and drive them away.


    1. Starter - Free 
    2. Premium - $4.40/month
    3. Business - $5.60/month
    4. eCommerce - $8.00/month

    The Starter package offers no support at all, making it an unrealistic option for most. The Premium and Business packages don’t include integrated shipping management. This extra work handling shipping for each product could prove incredibly time-consuming.

    For a business aiming to expand across the world, the most expensive option is probably the only one that’ll prove helpful.

    What is easy for the users?

    • Making logos
    • Batch emails

    What is hard for the users? 

    • Shipping assistance

    Examples of WebsiteBuilder users

    • Cartoonists
    • Social fitness influencers
    • Business consultants

    Alternatives to WebsiteBuilder

    This service offers some features that’ll be attractive to some, but others will seek greater support and smarter layouts. Try Squarespace or BigCommerce instead. These well-reviewed providers offer elegant layouts and themes alongside committed customer service teams to ensure that everyone can use the fantastic features available to full effect.