Webmasters Review 2020:Great For eCommerce Site Building?

Webmasters has been providing eCommerce solutions since 1994. Whilst it does offer the chance to build a website for free, the actual domain hosting isn’t free at all, so it shouldn’t necessarily be considered as a free service. With this provider, customers can create a personalized website suiting their style, to list products and services online, hopefully expanding market reach and profitability.

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    Design and Themes

    • A wide selection of in-house images for background use
    • 16 background color schemes
    • Edit text colors, sizes and fonts to match brand identity
    • Horizontal lines to divide sections of the page with any color you like
    • Images, audio, and text can be hyperlinked
    • Pages can be previewed before completion and publishing

    Apps and addons

    There’s little information available whatsoever on whether most well-known apps can be added, let alone how. Consider carefully before paying for this service, as app integration is an increasingly vital tool for all websites.

    There’s a very limited list of free apps included, like Litechat, Password Guard, and Auto Reply Form.


    SEO tools

    • TPO™ (Traffic Partner Optimization) - Selects potential partners based on website content and style, proposes link placements with these potential partners
    • Manual SEO plan - Detailed assessments of your website and ongoing assistance from an SEO professional

    With such a huge number of websites in existence today, SEO is really important. These tools might sound great, but they come at an incredible cost. Traffic Partner charges $100 per link, with a three-link minimum, while the Manual SEO costs $1999 per website. It should be noted that most competing brands offer detailed SEO guidance and assistance, either for free or for a negligible price.

    Reporting tools - 

    This statistical information can be accessed in English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch.

    • Latest visitors - A live visitor counter, expected visitor numbers, browsers used, pages accessed
    • Server status report - Displays the time taken to load pages in live time
    • Access to raw logs - Can be downloaded, to view in detail information regarding website traffic patterns
    • Log archiving - Can be automated, enabling simple downloads for analysis at any time

    Email marketing

    The provider offers some useful features like unlimited mail groupings and auto-responses, spam filters, and virus protection. But, there’s very little detail on what it can do to save clients time and maximize brand exposure through email marketing.


    • Business hosting - $9.95 per month
    • Encryption for SSL - $5 per month per domain
    • SSL certificate - $49 per year

    Other features


    A customer service team is available, but it makes cash bonuses for ‘positive’ feedback. Some might worry that they’ll get the wrong advice if it’ll lead to good feedback

    HTML Analyzer

    Assesses each page to determine how to improve spelling, keywords, links and more


    No information is passed to third parties unless required legally

    What is easy for the users?

    • Unlimited mail recipient groupings
    • Good privacy policy

    What is hard for the users?

    • Extremely overpriced 

    Examples of Webmasters users

    • Cake makers
    • Wedding planners
    • Jewelry designers

    Alternatives to Webmasters

    Webmasters has a few decent reporting tools which some clients might find worthwhile, but in most aspects it’s an incredibly limited service, not to mention overpriced.

    Consider these alternatives. BigCommerce is a hugely popular eCommerce builder, with a wide range of fantastic features like checkout customization and WordPress integration. Another brilliant choice would be Squarespace. It’s renowned for creating visually stunning websites that are sure to attract visitors to use your website.