Ucraft Review 2020: Are You Looking For Assistance With Website Building?

Ucraft is a tech design company and was founded in 2014 by a collection of artists with a passion for design in all aspects. Currently, the provider has almost 400,000 clients from countries all over the world. It aims to provide intuitive websites that are both stylish and professional.

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    Design and Themes

    • Google Fonts - provides a wide range of attractive fonts 
    • Over 100 customizable layouts - created by Ucraft artists
    • Effects - animations can be added onto all elements of a webpage
    • Flat or gradient color options - Create the perfect style to fit your identity
    • Accordion element - Allows the user to show or hide parts of a page, like a feedback section or a price chart

    Apps and addons

    • Audio widgets - Connect with Soundcloud or iTunes and play great music for your site visitors
    • Event planning - connect with Countdown to allow customers to ‘book’ events

    Language options

    Clients must translate their store listings individually, but Ucraft will translate everything else. This is a huge plus for the brand as many competitors don’t offer such an expansive translation service.


    Social integration and sales channels

    • Listings can be synchronized with most well-known marketplaces
    • Social media links can be integrated with Twitter, Instagram and more
    • Live chat apps like Livechat, Zendesk, Live Agent and more allow you to speak directly with customers as they use your site

    SEO tools

    • Sitemaps created for you
    • Controls added to guide search engines when reading and taking information from your website
    • Creates and suggests URLs and tags, enhancing search engine rankings
    • Optimizes photographs by converting them to the most appropriate format

    Reporting tools

    Website traffic can be analyzed with a variety of applications such as -

    • Hotjar
    • Uservoice
    • Yandex Metrica

    Email marketing

    It’s easy to implement widescale email messaging events with tools like Hello Bar, Typeform, Mandrill, etc. Customers might ask for product reviews, offer promotions, or reveal new listings.

    Importing and exporting products 

    As is standard in the industry, products can be imported and exported easily in CSV format.

    Pricing (per month, on annual contracts)

    • Pro Website - $10 - 15 products, pay with Stripe or Paypal, no facility for digital files
    • Pro Shop - $21 - 1000 products, pay with 50+ providers, 1GB per digital file
    • Unlimited - $69 - Unlimited products, pay with 50+ providers, 10GB per digital file

    Each package could save time and help to increase profits, but consider carefully which package suits your business size, and your desire to grow in the future.

    Other features

    Abandoned cart recovery

    Available with the Pro Shop and Unlimited Packages


    Tax exemption applies to the Pro Shop and Unlimited packages

    Managing the store on a mobile device

    Webpages are enhanced for use on all browsers and devices

    What is easy for the users?

    • Language translation
    • Analytics management
    • Wide range of themes and designs

    What is hard for the users? 

    • Many of the best features only available with the pricier packages
    • Some customers found it difficult to integrate external apps

    Examples of Ucraft users

    Alternatives to Ucraft

    Ucraft is a good option when creating an online website or store, with attractive designs and expansive language translation options. Some users might not find everything they’re looking for with the packages on offer, though. Try BigCommerce instead. It’s a fantastically reviewed eCommerce building brand that’s incredibly easy to use and comes with competitive prices.