Tilda Review 2020: How Simple is Website Building With Tilda?

Tilda is a well-respected eCommerce building brand, with thousands of clients to its name. It aims to help customers build uniquely designed websites that are easy and fast to produce. This provider focuses primarily on design, with many template themes possessing a sleek, simplistic, and modern style.

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    Design and Themes

    • A library possessing over 400 blocks - Created by in-house designers, these features follow the current trends in site design
    • Flexible settings - Choose a template and make it your own
    • Typography focused - Line width, optimal font sizing, and attractive header combinations 
    • Animation - No additional code is necessary to create and add animations to your storefront

    Apps and addons

    • All video and audio players can be embedded using HTML code
    • Cart widget - To allow customers the chance to purchase more products at one time

    Language options

    Two-language websites can only be created with the Business Package. Even with this option, you’ll be responsible for translation yourself. This isn’t great when compared with similar companies, that’ll generally include this service in all packages. After all, the whole point of creating an online store is to access a wider audience.


    Social integration and sales channels 

    • Buttons can be connected with social media accounts
    • SoundCloud is integrated automatically
    • Payments can be taken with Cloudpayments, PayPal, Stripe, Robokassa, and more

    SEO tools

    Tilda makes use of title tags, descriptions, keywords, meta tags, reader-friendly URLs, and more to help websites get ‘noticed’ by search engines.

    Reporting tools

    • A/B testing - Compares how effective each web page is
    • UTM tag builder - Creates advertisement links for contextual use on social media websites
    • Google analytics - Discover how many people click your links, fill out your forms, search your products

    Importing and exporting products

    It’s possible to export any piece of code and data to your server. This can be done from the main settings page and usually takes a few minutes. Files can be imported just as readily.


    Prices are available per month/year

    • Personal - $15 / $10 - One unique domain, limited access to site building blocks
    • Business - $25 / $20 - All building blocks available, an allowance of up to five websites

    What is easy for the users? 

    • Storefront building
    • Wide range of fonts

    What is hard for the users? 

    • Limited explanation of the services available

    Examples of Tilda users

    • Jewelry designers
    • Graphics artists
    • Photographers

    Alternatives to Tilda

    Tilda has some sleek design themes, and its wide variety of topography is quite impressive. Unfortunately, creating a website with this brand is a little more complicated than it needs to be, with a lack of detailed information available on the services available.

    For a brand full of creative tools to grow your business, try BigCommerce today. It offers detailed analytics to ensure that every client has a chance to succeed. You could also create a gorgeous website with Squarespace, a provider widely renowned for its smart and attractive themes.


    Will Tilda include an SSL certificate?

    SSL certificates are included in all packages. If you want to add an SSL from a previous website, it can be imported via the main page of your store. 

    Can I try it out first?

    Customers can create a website for free. Its features are extremely limited, but it’d at least be a chance to test the usability of this service.