Squarespace Review 2020: What makes it easy to use?

Squarespace is a powerful website builder solution for entrepreneurs, SMEs and creative folks across the board. Designed for individuals and businesses alike, It is trusted by millions the world over.

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    This innovative SaaS solution is geared towards web hosting and website building, with a formidable selection of website templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and a comprehensive set of tools and templates for professional, high-quality websites.

    With offices in New York City, Portland, and Dublin, Squarespace truly has a commanding global presence. From online stores to POS systems, it offers a wide range of website templates, domains, marketing tools, and customized features to meet the needs of its audience.

    We have reviewed all the features of Squarespace, and this is what we have found:


    Design - Dozens of world-class website designs, featuring the world's premier designers.
    Apps – Squarespace apps available for iOS and Android (version 7.0), Commerce (iOS and Android), and Analytics (iOS and Android) with apps for social accounts, design, domains, email, and blogging. 
    Addons – Multiple third-party customizations are possible including MLS search, Etsy, AdSense, Wufoo, Zocdoc, and others.
    Themes – Dozens of popular themes for SMEs to choose from, including portfolios, blogs, musicians, real estate, weddings, photography, and many more.
    Language options – Easily change languages at your leisure, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, and English. 
    Social integration & sales channels – Fully compatible with social media sites such as Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook. 
    SEO Tools - Multiple SEO tools including clean HTML markup, clean URLs, AMP, Google optimized image search, mobile optimization, meta tags, SSL certificates, site map, and keyword analytics.
    Custom Fields – Squarespace offers a great degree of customization with custom postings, templating custom data, custom post types, and custom fields based on your business needs.
    Reporting Tools – Full control over analytics and data, including abandoned cart, purchase funnel, sales, traffic sources, and traffic. No exporting update is currently possible.
    Email Marketing – Squarespace offers fully integrated email campaigns, including integrated analytics for site visitors and subscribers, the ability to pull brand content into emails and blog posts, and optimized marketing campaigns to bolster brand awareness and promote your site.

    Importing and Exporting Products

    Squarespace makes it easy to export products to a .CSV file. Import/export function for products is available under the advanced features section.

    It’s also possible to re-import.CSV files. Content can be imported from Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, and Squarespace 5. Commerce versions support imports from Big Cartel, Shopify, and Etsy. 


    Squarespace pricing plans include personal, business, basic commerce, and advanced commerce options.

    Personal Plan – this plan starts at $12 per month and includes a complimentary custom domain, SSL security, unlimited storage and bandwidth, SEO features, templates, 2 contributors, mobile optimization, 24/7 support, and basic website metrics.

    Business Plan – this plan costs $18 per month, with unlimited contributors, professional email from Google, premium integrations, customization with CSS and JavaScript, marketing tools, e-commerce features, and 3% transaction fees.

    Basic Commerce Plan – this plan costs $26 per month and features all the benefits of the business plan, including many other commercial applications and functions such as POS, customer accounts, checkout on your domain, e-commerce analytics, Instagram products, label printing via ShipStation, and integrated accounting via Xero. 

    Advanced Commerce Plan – this plan costs $40 per month, with all the features of the basic commerce plan, including additional commerce features such as abandoned cart recovery, gift cards, sell subscriptions, advanced shipping, advanced discounts, APIs for orders and inventory, and limited availability labels. 

    Switching between plans is easily done, and as you upgrade from the personal plan to the business plan, to the basic commerce plan, to the advanced commerce plan, you qualify for zero transaction fees on the high-end plans.

    Other Features

    SupportSquarespace support includes video workshops, in-depth articles and guides, webinars, and a community form. You can also contact customer support for all manner of questions, queries and comments.  

    SecurityMultiple security protocols are in effect, including application-level security, incident response, systems access control, security risk management, and data center security, disaster recovery, and availability.
    ShippingSquarespace includes 4 shipping options: free shipping, flat rate shipping, carrier-calculated shipping, and rates by weight. It is imperative to choose shipping zones to determine the rules for overseas shipping. Options include UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.
    Payment optionsStripe payment options include: ApplePay, Visa, JCB, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, American Express, Discover. Other options include PayPal and Square.
    TaxTax rules can easily be established for jurisdictions, countries, provinces, states, and US ZIP Codes. Info is provided for US state sales laws, tax rules, and tax-inclusive pricing.
    DropshippingDropshipping is facilitated courtesy of Printful integration.
    Abandoned cart recoveryFully supported on Squarespace Advanced Commerce Plans.
    Managing store on a mobile deviceThe Squarespace Commerce App is a powerful resource for managing your online website on the go. Full features are available, including customer contact, product inventories, fulfilling orders, shipping labels, et al. For Android and iOS devices.

    What is Easy for Users on Squarespace?

    • Customer support is highly responsive, professional, and polite and available 24/7.
    • Getting started with the perfect template and design simply requires picking the right template from your category.
    • Mobile functionality guarantees a seamless experience on the go for Android and iOS.
    • Squarespace supports a blogging feature with multi-author access, AMP support, and scheduling options.

    What is Difficult for Users on Squarespace?

    • It can be difficult to craft an effective website in multiple languages.
    • For in-depth menus on large websites, Squarespace may be inadequate.
    • The user experience could be impacted by sub-optimal page loading speed which impacts sales, customer retention, brand loyalty, and potentially even rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. 
    • The website editor requires excessive clicks, and all changes are immediately published which can be a little daunting for major updates.

    Best Squarespace Stores

    • Artistic renderings - https://mai.art/  
    • Culinary delights - http://www.fireandflourbread.com/  
    • Classic bicycles for sale - https://www.tokyobikenyc.com/ 

    Alternatives to Squarespace

    Squarespace offers premium-grade templates, designs, and resources for online website builder creation. However, if you're looking for other options, you may want to consider:

    Wix – Easy to market your business website with many added features, and great support.
    Jimdo – Paid plans include eCommerce functionality with product integrations. 
    Magneto – Great reviews, open-source features and powerful page builder options.
    Volusion – Makes online store management incredibly easy with useful sales reporting features. 
    WordPress – a cost-effective solution with SEO optimization, responsive design, and complete social media integration.
    BigCommerce – Mobile optimized website builder with many payment gateways, selling on multiple sites and effective customer support.
    WooCommerce – Stable and secure with rich analytics options, full customization and professional design. 

    Squarespace FAQs 

    Am I allowed to use my own domain name with Squarespace?

    Yes. You can transfer your own domain name to Squarespace and manage it through your website. If your domain cannot be transferred, it can be connected by modifying DNS settings.

    Does Squarespace have an SSL certificate?

    Yes. All domains that are added to this website builder automatically have a complimentary SSL certificate for enhanced security. This prevents hackers from stealing sensitive, personal information.

    Does Squarespace provide hosting to businesses?

    Yes. There are several business hosting plans including a business plan, a basic commerce plan, and an advanced commerce plan.

    Can I change my account at any time with Squarespace?

    Yes. Billing plans can be changed at any time. For example, links are provided for upgrades to paid services and switching from a mobile start plan.

    Does Squarespace handle shipping options?

    Squarespace lists comprehensive info on all aspects of shipping, including the free shipping of physical products. 

    Is Squarespace a good option for eCommerce activity?

    Superb! It’s stylish and sophisticated and ideal for eCommerce activity with many powerful marketing features, payment options, and integrations.

    What’s the Best Alternative to Squarespace?

    Wix is a great alternative. It’s got so many amazing, flexible templates to choose from, and hosting starts for free with ads.