SimpleSite Review 2020: Is it the Right Choice?

SimpleSite is a well-known brand that helps customers produce websites for both personal and professional purposes. It strives to give users a pleasurable experience when viewing online sites made using the service. With various themes and personalization options, clients can create a unique website with their own domain name to go with it.

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    Design and Themes

    Hundreds of themes are available, and these are just a starting point. Each template can be customized entirely, from the positions of images and headers to the colors and fonts. It should be fairly straightforward to create a site matching your personal or brand identity.

    Apps and addons

    There’s nothing to suggest that apps and add-ons can be integrated with a SimpleSite website. This won’t help its chances of getting business from many potential clients. Apps are an important part of modern website usage, and many competing brands offer detailed and expansive options in this regard.

    Language options

    Language translation appears to be unavailable. Usually, this means that you’ll have to add code for this or translate each page yourself. Being that website building companies of this nature are generally used by those who aren’t computer experts, it’s far from ideal that this is lacking.


    Social integration and sales channels

    It’s possible to use the ‘sharing options’ in the general settings area of the site. It’s easy to share with globally popular domains like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. These links can be used to further expose and promote your website, which could be particularly helpful for those creating a website for business.

    SEO tools

    Whatever the reason for a website’s creation, everyone wants to get as much traffic as they possibly can. This provider offers advice on how to increase the likelihood of success, based around the use of optimal language, such as keyword placing, suitable domain names, page titles, and so on.

    Email marketing

    SimpleSite doesn’t use or integrate any email marketing software as part of the packages. The best it can offer is advice on how to create successful emails to be sent either individually or as a mass marketing tool.


    • Basic - Free - A limit of 15 pages and five products, with a small selection of design templates, no domain name included
    • Pro - $15.49/month - Domain name included, a large selection of themes, no ads, unlimited video usage
    • eCommerce - $30.49 - Domain name included, no ads, unlimited products, pages and images

    Realistically, the Basic package will only be useful in a trial to test the usability of the software. Anyone looking to create a website for the long term will require one of the paid packages.

    Other features 

    Managing the store on a mobile device

    Each webpage is automatically enhanced for use on all kinds of device


    Only the premium options include instant support. Otherwise, customers must email the provider and wait up to 48 hours for a response


    Any data collected is kept entirely private and secure

    What is easy for the users? 

    • Free to test
    • Easy to personalize

    What is hard for the users? 

    • Limited use of analytics

    Examples of SimpleSite users

    • Video-makers
    • Photographers
    • Clothing merchandisers

    Alternatives to SimpleSite

    SimpleSite has some interesting features, but in almost all aspects it’s incredibly limited. Why not use BigCommerce or Squarespace instead? These world-renowned eCommerce providers deliver an array of website building features, each of which is explained clearly and thoroughly.