Shopbase Review 2020 - What Can It Do to Grow Your Brand?

Shopbase is an eCommerce brand with over a decade of experience, with almost one million clients to its name. Its objective is to provide simple to create and edit online platforms, to be used by businesses seeking to grow their brand.

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    Design and Themes

    Each template is created by a globally respected designer. There are 11 themes to choose from, each of which is free with the purchase of any Shopbase subscription.

    ShopBase Apps and Addons

    The provider offers a decent selection of apps to improve the store experience for both the client and the customer. Likely the most essential and popular Shopbase apps on the marketplace include:

    • When growing an online marketplace, getting feedback from your customers goes a long way. powers your review platform, so customers can tell you about their experiences.

    • Boost Convert: This add-on creates a nifty little buy button on your webshop pages to turn browsers into buyers.

    • AliExpress Review Importer: Export any of your reviews that are featured on AliExpress absolutely free.

    • Migrate To ShopBase: Simply connect your online store and watch your products migrate from ShopBase to a previous host in a matter of minutes.

    • CrossPanda: No good at keeping on top of your inventory? CrossPanda ensures any and all transactions are tracked live, so you know when to place a new order and you’re never leaving customers waiting.

    • SiteKit Promotion Bar and Popup: Create and develop your marketing strategies and target customers effectively with this essential add-on.

    Language options

    The roller theme template allows language to be altered with the ‘theme editor’. Almost 100 languages are covered, but unfortunately, every other template is only accessible in English.


    Social integration and sales channels

    The service doesn’t appear to offer any options for incorporating other social media or websites to its online storefronts.

    SEO tools

    None of the apps or tools on offer specifically assist with SEO.

    Custom fields

    With the app, clients are able to receive product and site reviews on their webpage, along with Q&A. Photos and videos can also be added to any feedback given.

    Reporting tools

    • Dashboard - Locates information on sales, purchasing and website traffic
    • Google Analytics - Provides store data in real-time regarding customer location, browser search information, product success and time spent on the site

    Email marketing

    The SiteKit app captures email addresses from visitors, allowing for further promotion in the future. Some might find this tool a little too invasive.

    Importing and exporting products

    Using the CSV file format, stores can be imported or exported quickly and easily.

    Pricing (per month)

    • Basic Base - $19.00 - Ideal for companies with a staff roster of up to five people, and has a transaction fee of 2%
    • Standard Base - $59.00 - Ideal for companies with a staff roster of up to 10 people, and has a transaction fee of 1%
    • Pro Base - $249.00 - Ideal for companies with a staff roster of up to 100 people, and has a transaction fee of 0.5%

    These prices might initially appeal to some as they’re low in comparison to some others in the industry. However, transaction fees are an important downside. Many competitors offer similar services with no transaction fees at all.

    Other features


    A support team can be contacted at any time via email, live chat or phone


    Connected with various providers of dropshipping/POD service providers

    Managing the store on a mobile device

    Homepage and checkout are automatically optimized for mobile usage

    What is easy for the users?

    • Homepage set up is quick
    • Mobile ready
    • No limit on product sales

    What is hard for the users? 

    • Transaction fees higher than some competitors
    • Limited language options

    Examples of Shopbase users

    • Print-on-demand sellers
    • Entrepreneurs 
    • Artists

    Alternatives to Shopbase

    If you’re not sold on Shopbase due to its limited themes and high transaction fees, why not try another eCommerce brand?

    BigCommerce boasts low transaction fees, which decrease as you upgrade your account.

    Squarespace has a wide selection of beautiful themed layouts to select from.


    Will I receive assistance with shipping?

    Customers can set shipping rates to suit them, including fixed-price, tiered pricing, weight-based, location-based rates, and many more.

    What about SSL certificates?

    As part of any package bought with Shopbase, an SSL certificate comes as standard in order to ensure the privacy of customer information and business data.