PrestaShop Review 2020: Can it Develop Your Business?

PrestaShop was founded in 2007 as an eCommerce software brand. There are currently over 300,000 companies running their websites with this provider’s technology. Its primary goal is to provide innovative solutions to customers with ambitions of taking a business online and growing it exponentially.

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Table of Contents


    Design and Themes

    • Arrange products images and information
    • Uses layered navigation
    • An extremely limited number of free themes

    Apps and addons

    The addons module allows most apps and add-ons to be integrated with PrestaShop.

    Language options

    Multi-language product sheets adapt to different markets and Prestashop is available in almost 80 languages.


    • Create coupons
    • Add special offers to customers purchasing certain products
    • Give the option of free shipping
    • Allow customers to add gift wrapping
    • Suggest certain items 
    • Let customers create an account so allow for reengagement, such as a notice when a product comes back in stock
    • Advertise on the storefront with the use of images and banners

    Social integration and sales channels 

    Social integration appears limited. There’s an option to add a Facebook integration module app, but that costs almost $90. It’s possible, however, to connect your store in a basic way to social networks. In terms of sales methods, over 60 are available.

    SEO tools

    SEO is apparently available, but there’s little to no information on what this option can do to help a website succeed, other than the suggestion that each product can be focused on separately. This doesn’t give much help to potential users, as SEO is a key element in creating a successful online store.

    Reporting tools

    • Insights - Measures the success of promotions, details of shipping methods, site traffic information, and highlights profitable products

    Email marketing

    There’s not much available in this regard, but it’s at least possible to set up automatic emails to customers who provide their details.

    Importing and exporting products

    As is the standard practice, files can be imported and exported easily if formatted as CSV.


    The services provided by PrestaShop are free, although it has a long list of partners offering themes, apps, and more, most of which cost over $50 each.

    Other features 


    Unfortunately, it’s recently been discovered that Prestashop modules are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Think carefully before creating a website with this provider.

    Managing the store on a mobile device

    Websites can be optimized for mobile use, specifically for menus and shopping carts.

    What is easy for the users? 

    • Free to use
    • Quick to create
    • List stores on Google Maps

    What is hard for the users? 

    • Many vital tools for a successful website are unavailable
    • Potentially insecure data

    Examples of PrestaShop users

    Alternatives to PrestaShop

    At first glance, PrestaShop appears to offer a decent product, and as it’s free, many people might be tempted to give it a go. However, as customers look into each section of building a website, they’ll quickly be inundated with partnered products, many of which cost a huge amount. Not only that, but according to PrestaShop, there’s a genuine risk of having your information accessed illegally.

    For an expansive eCommerce brand, with a huge array of themes to choose from, and without the need to pay money to outside providers, visit Squarespace today. You’ll be delighted with its modern, stylish, and professional style.