GoDaddy Website Builder Review: Simple and Affordable eCommerce Software

GoDaddy is a leading e-commerce builder with a wide range of resources including cPanel for managing your online store, with 99.9% uptime. GoDaddy boasts decades in the industry as a hosting platform with over 19 million customers.

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    Design and Themes

    GoDaddy templates span multiple categories including fashion & beauty, community & nonprofit, home services, travel, health & fitness, personal & blog, online store, automotive & cars, photography, professional services, art & design, music, real estate, restaurants & food, et al.

    Multiple WordPress themes are also provided with full customization, supporting thousands of integrated plug-ins.

    Apps and Addons 

    GoDaddy features a powerful set of solutions for adding apps, add-ons, and integrations on your website. This is easily done through the product listing by navigating to website builder, and then clicking on manage to edit your site.

    Multiple apps can be added for your convenience, including:

    • Email Marketing
    • PayPal
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • Drupal

    The GoDaddy InstantPage facilitates multiple other apps including RSS feeds, MapQuest, YouTube, Flickr, contact forms, text, and other options.

    Language Options

    From the main GoDaddy page, it’s relatively easy to localize languages according to requirements. As a business owner, you can simply select the country you wish to use or alternatively choose the language. Once you've selected the language options for your site, all the product interfaces will be updated to that language.

    Read this guide on localizing your eCommerce site to find out more.


    Social Integration and Sales Channels

    GoDaddy features prominently as an e-commerce platform for managing your online store.  

    The online store features a comprehensive lineup of marketplaces including:

    • Facebook
    • Amazon
    • Sellbrite
    • Jet
    • Walmart
    • Etsy
    • eBay

    Regarding Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, social media marketing with each of these is easily done. 

    Read more on integrating social media into eCommerce websites here.

    SEO Tools 

    GoDaddy’s wide selection of SEO tools makes it easy to optimize your site for maximum reach, improved search engine rankings, and enhanced sales

    The SEO plan is priced at a premium for GoDaddy subscribers ($6.99 per month).

    The plan offers the following:

    • An instant snapshot of your business to customers,
    • Allowing you to track your search engine rankings
    • Provide effective keyword suggestions for your business.

    Plus, GoDaddy helps businesses to list on Google My Business for greater visibility.

    Custom Fields

    Online store help is available at GoDaddy, thanks to customer product reviews with applications like Yotpo. Once customers purchase products, emails can be sent out to them requesting product reviews and feedback.

    Custom fields on signup forms are important since subscriber information can drive engagement, boost traffic, and ROI.

    The process requires customers to simply click on ‘Add a Field’ from the editing screen or simply create a custom field with the Fancy Fields button. Options include Text Field, Dropdown, Date, Checkboxes, and Radio Buttons.

    Custom text fields can also be added for greater personalization.

    Reporting Tools

    GoDaddy e-commerce builder provides access to multiple analytics, reports, charts, graphs, and data.

    Commissions reports allow businesses to identify information such as

    • New customers
    • Total revenue
    • Commission 

    Payment history reports can be found in the Reseller Control Center with the information provided on payment amounts, payment types, payment dates, and transaction numbers.

    The Quick Shopping Cart is a powerful resource for accounting and sales. It allows for easy viewing of net sales and gross sales, in addition to reports on sales activity by state, source code, product, day, and month. Many analytics reports are available for total taxes and total shipping within specified timeframes.

    Email Marketing

    GoDaddy website builder offers a wide range of email marketing services to site owners. Each of these email marketing plans is priced at a premium. The email marketing options include Beginner, Up & Running, and Pro plans. All of the email marketing options include custom reporting which indicates exactly when they have been opened.

    The email editor features drag & drop functionality to easily create emails for segmented groups of customers. Email spam protection is offered for customers with authentication tools. Plus, high-quality stock images are geared towards professional-looking emails.

    Find out how to improve conversion rate using email marketing in this article

    Importing and Exporting Products

    All import and export options for product listings are available through the Online Store import feature. Knowledge of spreadsheets certainly helps with importing multiple products at GoDaddy sites. From the Account Manager option, navigate to the Products page and click on Online Store and then manage all the features and options that are available. The product menu lists all options for managing products, including importing products and adding products. Templates allow for sample files to determine the structure of data before they are uploaded to your online store.

    Exporting product lists from GoDaddy websites can be done via GoDaddy itself or through one of the many trusted browser extensions. You’ll get quick access to up to 700 product listings in easy-to-read CSV format, openable in Excel or similar spreadsheet programs. If you’re using an extension, you’ll need to:

    • Choose and install a verified exporting extension
    • Sign in to your GoDaddy site and head to the Products tab
    • Make sure that your extension is enabled, open it, and hit the Export button

    If you’re using GoDaddy directly, the instructions are relatively similar.

    • Sign in to your GoDaddy site and head to the Products tab
    • Hit the Export button and use the filters to decide what items to include in the file
    • Once completed, submit the request and download the file to your computer


    GoDaddy website builder packages are available in multiple plans, including the following:

    Basic Plan - The Basic Plan is billed at $10 per month, with SSL protection, custom domain connection, mobile-friendly operations, mobile editing, 24/7 support, business email free for a year, business telephone number for a year, PayPal integration, GoDaddy InSight, tailored action plans, InSight score and various social media & email marketing options.
    Standard Plan – The Standard Plan is billed at $15 per month with all features of the basic plan, with additional social media & email marketing functions.
    Premium Plan - The Premium Plan is billed at $20 per month with all the features of the Standard plan, advanced social media & marketing, and multiple online appointments features and functions.
    E-Commerce Plan – The E-Commerce Plan is billed at $25 per month, with all the features of the Premium plan, unlimited social media and email marketing, and 25,000 marketing emails per month. Other options include online appointments and e-commerce functionality.

    Other Features

    SupportYou can easily get in touch with GoDaddy in the US at 480-463-8389, with support representatives available 24/7. Multiple language options are provided for customer service, live chat functionality, email support, and online contact forms are also available.
    SecurityThey offer many advanced security protections, boosted speeds, Google Blacklist, trusted site seal, unlimited malware removal and hack repair, DDoS mitigation, and CDN performance accelerator.
    ShippingShipping options at GoDaddy are available through the Account Manager. Once there, simply click on the online store to manage all of the accounts and the available shipping options on orders. The standard shipping options include free, flat rate, and weight-based shipping. In the US, UPS and USPS options are available.
    Payment optionsGoDaddy accepts a wide range of payment processing options. These include credit card, PayPal, AstroPay with several other options
    TaxTax management is available through the account management section of your business site. Sales taxes are applicable in 45 states including DC. GoDaddy subscribes to all applicable tax laws and regulations (VAT, general sales tax, State and local tax) in each country or jurisdiction.
    DropshippingDropshipping options are fully supported.
    Abandoned cart recoveryThe abandoned cart feature is available by enabling cart recovery, you can ensure automatic checkout reminders for your customers.
    Managing store on a mobile deviceThe GoDaddy App for Android and iOS makes it possible for you to manage your business anywhere, at any time. Mobile functionality allows for quick and easy site design via a wide range of templates. Many analytics, management, and marketing functions can be managed on mobile.

    What is Easy for Users at GoDaddy?

    • GoDaddy makes it easy for you to design a website even if you have no technical skills or prior experience.
    • Provides detailed information about all aspects of site-building and managing your hosted business online

    What is Difficult for Users on GoDaddy?

    • GoDaddy upcharges for most everything you want to do including SEO, email marketing, security, appointments and e-commerce functionality.
    • Users complained of problems such as backup issues, exporting of data, and sub-par customer support, but many of these issues have been tackled already.
    • Live chat support is not always readily available. 
    • Clunky navigation at times makes it difficult to move from page to page, with users complaining of unnecessary redirects.

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    Alternatives to GoDaddy Website Builder

    GoDaddy is great if you are looking to pay for many professional, value-added services, features, and functions. However, it's not for everyone and there are several ranking alternatives you can choose from including:

    BigCommerce - This e-commerce builder offers drag & drop functionality for beautifully-designed websites.
    Magneto – open source software for the astute business owner looking to build a website.
    Squarespace – ideal e-commerce platform with many different themed options. There is room for improvement, but it's a great alternative to GoDaddy.
    WooCommerce - this open-source plug-in is ideal for WP websites. It’s best for SMEs looking for an easy-to-use website builder.
    HostGator - Great pricing with this website builder, and it's got excellent customer support -  ideal for VPS hosting and shared hosting.
    SiteGround – SiteGround offers reliable web hosting with WordPress functionality, and WooCommerce hosting with cloud-based hosting options. 

    GoDaddy FAQs 

    Am I allowed to use my own domain name with GoDaddy?

    Yes! Domain names can be transferred over to GoDaddy and hosted on site.

    Does GoDaddy have an SSL certificate?

    Yes. There are paid plans for protecting your website starting at $63.99 per year with DV, OV, EV SSL certificates.

    Does GoDaddy provide hosting to businesses?

    GoDaddy provides hosting. These include economy hosting, deluxe hosting, ultimate hosting, and maximum hosting.

    Can I change my account at any time with Godaddy?

    Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade from the website builder.

    Does GoDaddy take care of shipping for me?

     Yes, you can customize your shopping cart to determine the type of shipping options you want

    Is GoDaddy a good option for eCommerce activity?

    Yes! GoDaddy supports 19 million+ websites globally. It is a trusted website builder platform with hosting services

    What’s the Best Alternative to Godaddy?

    There are many options you can choose, if GoDaddy’s pricing model is too expensive. These include BigCommerce.