Ecwid Ecommerce Review 2020

Ecwid has been designed to slot easily into any website, and provides all the tools you need to run a successful eCommerce store. It’s a great choice if you’re selling across multiple platforms and want to take advantage of a range of different payment methods.

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    Designs and themes

    Ecwid only has one template store design on offer. This is because it isn’t a website builder, and is a store-only solution that you integrate into your existing website.

    It’s a fairly basic theme that fits well with a lot of modern websites, but it would be nice to have more choices in your package.

    This provider has partnered with a number of third-party theme editing apps, so if you’re not happy with the free template, you can purchase something different.

    As your business grows, there’s a good chance you’ll need to revamp and upgrade from the free starting theme.

    Apps and add-ons

    This is where it differs most from its competition, and you might be surprised to hear it only offers around 150 apps.

    Ecwid tends to focus solely on its niche market; creating the perfect online store, meaning you’ll find most features already integrated into the core offering.

    The product itself could really be considered an add-on, albeit a very sophisticated one, and it can be integrated into any website.

    Rather than relying on apps and plug-ins, you have a range of customization options, including automated tax calculations, live chat, and advanced SEO tools. 

    The app store is growing all of the time, as more and more developers take an interest.

    Some interesting ones include integration of a rewards program to your store, social proof notifications when a product is mentioned on social media, and detailed inventory management apps.

    Language options

    Customers can use the program in dozens of languages, so you’ll be able to operate easily in a global marketplace.


    Social integration and sales channels

    All major social media stores are covered. The software is fully optimized to sell via:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Etsy
    • Amazon
    • eBay

    SEO tools

    All paid plans include advanced SEO tools which include options to add customizable microdata, URL optimization for better Google results, clean links, and automatic alt tags.

    You can also add custom meta tags to all individual products in your store.

    Although you can’t add any third party SEO apps at the moment, Ecwid has published a comprehensive guide to using its own in-built SEO tools, and it’s not too difficult to get to grips with. 

    Custom fields

    Customers benefit from a one-page checkout that will have most of the fields you’re looking for. This makes things simple for your customers, and collects all the information you’d expect like email address, name, and abandoned cart information. 

    However, if you’d like to add some custom fields, you’re able to adapt the form to capture any information you’d like.

    This will require some HTML coding knowledge to carry out, but there’s a guide to get you started.

    Reporting tools

    There are some limited reporting and analytics apps available at the store, but these don’t offer the same level of depth as some competitors.

    You’ll get some basic statistics on market segmentation, sales funnel conversion data, and identifying individual customers that have increased their purchases in a given month.

    There aren’t many apps to choose from, and you should expect to pay an additional monthly cost on top of your subscription in order to access them.

    Email marketing

    Ecwid has partnered with MailChimp and now offers built-in email marketing campaigns and automated follow-up emails on abandoned carts.

    You should note that this is only available on premium packages.

    It’s definitely worth the extra money as you’ll be able to create campaigns based on your market segmentation, schedule social media posts, passively build your email list, and create customized templates.

    Importing and Exporting products

    You only need to import your product data once activated. It’ll then integrate across every website you’ve chosen to sell your products.

    Exporting your information is also a very simple process and it provides instructions on how to download your data into a CSV file.


    Free version

    The free package is understandably a little basic. You’ll only get access to the online store, and won’t be able to integrate any of your social media stores or run any email marketing campaigns.

    Venture - $15 per month (Or $150 when paid annually)

    The first paid tier unlocks access to social media store integration and Facebook advertising, but you won’t be able to connect to major online retailers like Amazon and eBay. This level does get you Android and iOS store management tools, however.

    Business - $35 per month (Or $350 when paid annually)

    This package will give you full integration with most major online marketplaces. You’ll also get access to automated email campaigns via MailChimp, abandoned cart monitoring, and a multi-language storefront.

    Unlimited - $99 per month (Or $990 when paid annually)

    This tier will get you everything included in the previous plans, plus your own branded shopping app for your customers to download, priority customer support, and up to 12 hours free customization carried out by the team.

    Other Features


    Customer support levels vary depending on which plan you sign up to. Those on the free plan will get no access to customer support at all.


    Those on the Venture plan will only have access to live chat, whilst Business and Unlimited customers can contact the team over the phone too. Unlimited customers will always get priority access to customer support.


    All members will also get access to the help center, where you’ll find dozens of helpful how-to articles.


    Ecwid is a PCI DSS level 1 service provider, which is the gold standard of security for eCommerce platforms. Any personal data transmitted via the store is sent over a secure HTTPS channel. 


    Multiple shipping options are available with all plans, and Ecwid uses your customer's IP address to calculate shipping charges with major carriers like FedEx and UPS.

    Payment options

    The program has around 20 different payment options including Paypal, Stripe, Amex, and Payeezy


    Customers are provided with an automatic tax calculator that’s kept up to date in line with changing state laws. This can be set up with just one simple button click.


    Dropshipping is available and you can act as a reseller of any product in your store.

    Abandoned cart recovery

    Abandoned cart emails are available with the Business and Unlimited packages. Some apps also provide some limited abandoned cart statistics, but this will incur an additional charge to your membership.

    Managing store on a mobile device

    This option is available on every plan except the free version. Managing inventory, pricing and shipping are just a few of the things you can do from the mobile app.

    What is Easy for Users at Ecwid

    • Ecwid is incredibly easy to set up. As it’s a shopping cart widget, and not a standalone website development tool, it slots easily into any website
    • The program is a great choice if you sell via multiple platforms. It can be quickly integrated into most major online sellers like Amazon and eBay as well as all major social media stores
    • It’s easy to get started and you can have your store up and running quickly

    What is Difficult for Users on Ecwid

    • It won’t be for you if you want to build a website from the ground up. You’ll already need an established business or website that you can add the marketplace software to
    • There are also limited development options open to you, and only a few apps and add-ons to choose from. As your business grows, you might need to use an eCommerce builder that can handle your growth

    Best Ecwid Stores

    The following websites use the same sales widget:

    Hansen Distillery:

    Northbound Coffee Roasters:

    Cooking With Tenina:

    Alternatives to Ecwid

    Volusion - You’ll get an excellent selection of reporting and analytics tools, which can make up for Ecwid’s shortfalls if this is what you’re looking for.

    Wix - If you want more than just an online store, Wix also provides you with thousands of modern website templates to choose from.

    Shopify - One of the premium eCommerce builders on the market at the moment. It’s easy to set up, has an intuitive design, and has a wide range of payment options


    Ecwid FAQs

    Am I allowed to use my own web domain with Ecwid?

    Yes, in fact, you’ll have to use your own domain as this program is an eCommerce widget. You’ll integrate it into your existing website and domain name.

    Does Ecwid have an SSL certificate?

    No, this will be the responsibility of your website hosting provider.

    Does Ecwid provide hosting to business?

    No, you’ll have to host elsewhere.

    Can I change my account any time with Ecwid?

    Yes, you can switch to any of the paid plans at any time.

    Does Ecwid take care of shipping for me?

    Yes, multiple shipping options with various providers are included.

    Is Ecwid a good option for eCommerce activity

    Yes, it’s a reliable option for smaller enterprises and freelancers. 

    What’s the best alternative to Ecwid?

    Shopify is a great alternative. It has the same ease of use but has a lot more features to add to your store.