Bluehost Review 2020: What Can it Do to Grow Your Brand?

Bluehost has been in operation since 2003, in Utah, and has become a prominent web hosting company. It promises to provide all the tools required for website building, that anybody can use, no matter their level of previous experience. It’s certainly been successful, with over two million websites in use through the platform, and a team of almost 800 support staff.

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    Design and Themes

    In-house graphic designers will help with building your website, but for more details, potential customers must request a consultation. This seems like an overly complex way of providing information and will put off users, as there are so many options out there.

    It’s clear that customers can change the templates, themes, fonts, and colors with Bluehost, but it’s not easy to find actual examples of this on the website.

    Language options

    Bluehost uses WordPress for its website hosting and admits that outside of English, other languages may not be displayed entirely accurately. This will put many off, as the whole point of creating a business website is to gain new customers. A limit of language translation is a limit on potential profits.


    SEO tools

    Bluehost offers useful tools to provide guidance in this regard.

    • Gauge how your site ranking compares on various search engines
    • Track visitor locations
    • Reviews technical issues on your site
    • Assess how ‘friendly’ your site is for browsers like Google and Firefox
    • Tracks the frequency of use and mentions through social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+.

    Importing and exporting products

    It’s easy, fast, and free to do this. So, if you want to import data from a previous website, or create a back up of date on your existing one, that’s no problem with this provider.


    Website hosting

    • Shared - $5.53/month - Good for small personal business and blogs
    • VPS - $28/month - For websites with medium/high traffic. Includes limited ‘on-demand resources’
    • Dedicated - $112.06/month - For websites with a high amount of traffic. Includes increased security and performance measures

    Bluehost is not an easy site to navigate, and most aspects of its services are unclear, especially the pricing. Before committing to a lengthy contract, it’d be best to contact the provider for a consultation, to get clarification on just what level of service and support each package provides.

    Other features

    Payment options

    All major credit cards, PayPal and US checks

    Managing the store on a mobile device

    All website features are enhanced for use on any tablet or device


    Each package includes an SSL certificate, making the theft or corruption of user data extremely difficult

    What is easy for the users?

    • SSL certificates included with all packages
    • Back up data easily

    What is hard for the users? 

    • A lack of clarity on pricing and what packages provide

    Examples of Bluehost users

    • Video content producers
    • Social media influencers
    • Catering companies

    Alternatives to Bluehost

    Bluehost has some positive aspects, but many potential clients will feel that its pricing structure is vague, and there really isn’t much detail given on the features and services available.

    Consider using Squarespace instead. It offers a service that’s at once sophisticated, easy to use, and full of beautiful themes and templates. Its analytics capabilities will ensure that clients can enhance their website, to maximize the benefits from all website traffic.