Big Cartel Review 2020 - Is It Creative Enough for You?

Big Cartel is a 100% independent eCommerce building company, helping artists, designers, and creators to build online stores in order to sell work and run a business. The provider’s primary audience is ‘makers’, and so there’s a keen focus on unique themes, to create a personalized brand identity.

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    Design and Themes

    There are many themes and design styles available. A major selling point of Big Cartel is that its creators are all artists themselves. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the customizable themes available are creative and attractive. There are 18 themes in total, from which edits can be made to suit your own style.

    Apps and addons

    Several apps can be used in conjunction with the online store:

    • Marketing apps like Instagram, Mailchimp, and Lucky Orange
    • Manufacturing apps like Printful, Art of Where and Pirate Ship
    • Store management apps like Google Analytics, LiveChat and Pulley
    • Big Cartel app for mobile use

    Language options

    Sadly, there isn’t a built-in tool to edit language. To do this, customers need to translate code themselves or embed a translation widget.


    Social integration and sales channels

    It’s possible to contact and connect with customers through various sales channels, such as: - 

    • Mailchimp - Adds a newsletter subscription to the checkout page
    • Zapier - Automates the posting of products to social feeds

    SEO tools

    With each package, some optimization is done automatically, such as search-engine-friendly URLs, appropriately labeled alt tags on images, and valid HTML markups.

    It also offers guidance on what you can do to enhance your own URL ranking when creating a website.

    Custom fields

    By adding the / Elfsight to your page, customers can leave product reviews and testimonials.

    Reporting tools

    • Dashboard options - Gain information on statistics including orders, visitors, conversion rates, trends and more
    • Google Analytics Integration - Find out where people access your store from, what people search to find you, what browser they use, etc.

    Email marketing

    Settings can be modified so that customers and their purchase data are synchronized with a Mailchimp account, which enables targeted campaigns. For example, after a customer purchases a dress, use Mailchimp to recommend shoes to match.

    Importing and exporting products 

    If you’re importing or exporting products and data, it can be done easily via the ‘general settings’ tab as long as they’re provided in a valid format.


    • Platinum - $9.99pm 
    • Diamond - $19.99pm 
    • Titanium - $29.99pm

    The larger the package, the more products and images that can be added, and the greater freedom there’ll be to edit storefront themes. Consider the scale of your business and growth ambition before selecting a plan.

    Other Features

    Payment options

    PayPal, Venmo, Stripe


    Domains are fully encrypted with SSL


    Shipping profiles can be created to apply to all products

    What is easy for the users?

    • Design
    • Marketing

    What is hard for the users? 

    • Language translation

    Examples of Big Cartel users

    Alternatives to Big Cartel

    If you need a wider scope for integration, you’re in luck. BigCommerce can provide this and so much more.


    What about my domain name?

    You’re free to either create a new domain name or add your existing one.

    Is it possible to change the account?

    Preferences are easy to change as you feel. If you decide to close your account, be sure to export your data first, as it’ll be irretrievable after closing.