3dcart eCommerce Review 2020

3dcart has been perfecting its eCommerce building tool since 1997, and has developed an easy-to-use platform for both newcomers and experienced developers alike. You’ll find more than 200 apps and integrations, and could have your online store up and running in just a few hours.

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    Designs and themes

    You’ll find both free and premium templates on offer when building your site with 3dcart. You’ll get access to different templates depending on which plan you sign up to, or you can pay extra for some of the better-looking ones. 

    You’ll have around 50 templates to choose from in total, and each is optimized for both desktop and mobile.

    However, some of the designs can be a little bland when compared to other web builders. We’ve come to expect slick, modern-looking themes from builders like Squarespace and Wix, and some of 3dcart’s templates lack that punch.

    If you’re skilled in HTML and CSS coding, you’ll be able to tweak and customize the design to your heart’s content.

    Apps and add-ons

    The store currently has more than 200 apps and integrations, and this number is growing all of the time.

    You can expect to find the most popular merchant apps like Amazon and eBay, as well as a host of useful add-ons. Some of the best include:

    • Order management tools
    • Sales funnel management
    • Security tools
    • Fraud prevention
    • Live chat

    While 3dcart doesn’t have the same huge choice of apps you might find with Worpress, they all integrate well with your site and are straightforward to use. 

    Language options

    The program can support any language that uses the Roman alphabet. So if you’re looking to sell to a market that uses a non-Roman alphabet language, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


    Social integration and sales channels

    3dcart makes it easy to integrate various social media channels into your site. In fact, it’s even partnered with Facebook and offers a free $50 credit for anyone wanting to use Facebook ads.

    You can also integrate with some other big-name sales channels such as Walmart, Amazon, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

    SEO tools

    While it doesn’t have as wide an array of SEO tools as some of its competitors, it still has some powerful add-ons. These include:

    • Fast page loading to adhere to Google’s PageSpeed best practices
    • SEO friendly URLs
    • Customizable page titles and meta descriptions
    • Built-in blogging platform and RSS feed to boost traffic with content

    3dcart even offers a managed service for an additional cost if you want to try and push your page to the top of Google’s rankings.

    Custom fields

    It can be a little difficult for users to create their own custom fields and forms using the standard building tools.

    To get truly custom fields, you’ll need to have some solid HTML coding knowledge or find help via the forums.

    Reporting tools

    3dcart has its own built-in reporting suite that comes free with every package you sign up to. It gives you a good range of information, including:

    • Identifying sales trends
    • Profit breakdowns
    • Top selling products
    • Customer reward program sign-ups
    • How many customers are using discount codes
    • Breakdowns of what customers are searching for on your site

    This tool should be enough for most of your reporting needs, but there are some add-ons available via the marketplace if you’re looking for more detailed analytics.

    Email marketing

    The email marketing tools included with your package can be a little limited.

    All options allow MailChimp integration as standard, but you’ll have to pay for the premium options if you’d like to add features like email marketing newsletters.

    If you want a more detailed email marketing solution you’ll need to sign up to one of the marketing add-ons available in the store, like Rejoiner or Email Octopus.

    These services are paid products but are the only way you can get additional features like campaign building, customer segmentation, and detailed reporting.

    Importing and Exporting products

    3dcart allows you to import and export your product information in bulk, quickly and easily, via a CSV file.

    You can set up the categories and headings you’d like to use including product name, cost, images, and customer information.

    A full list of instructions is available via the customer support page, and there’s no limit to the number of line items you can import or export at a time.


    Startup Store - $9.50 per month

    This is the basic package and has the fewest features. It allows login access for just one user and provides a link to the Facebook store with $50 worth of advertising credits.

    You’ll be limited to a sales processing amount of $50,000 per year and is an ideal package for freelancers, or those operating a small online business.

    Basic - $29 per month

    You’ll get everything on offer with the basic plan, but your transaction limit is increased to $100,000 per year and you’ll also have access to the customer relationship management tool. This helps you manage your sales funnels and customers.

    Plus - $79 per month

    Receive everything included in the two previous plans, plus a transaction limit of $250,000 per year. You can also add five users to your account and gain access to email marketing newsletters, FedEx deliveries, and Facebook dynamic ads. A good option for small, but growing, businesses.

    Power - $129 per month

    Take advantage of all the features included in the first three tiers, with up to $500,000 allowed in annual transactions. In addition, you can include recurring order options in your store, waiting lists for products, and back-in-stock alerts for your customers.

    Pro - £229 per month

    This is the most expensive plan on offer. You’ll get all of the features of every other plan, plus a $1 million transaction limit, a delivery notification option, autoresponder email campaigns, and a sales rep module.

    Other Features


    You’ll get different levels of support depending on the plan you’re on. Startup users can send emails, raise tickets, or use live chat. Other packages get phone support in addition.

    You’ll also have access to a comprehensive support forum and a number of tutorial videos.


    All plans have the same high level of security, which includes an SSL certificate, level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and daily backups of data.


    3dcart has a number of shipping add-ons that can be easily integrated into your site. However, options will be limited depending on which package you choose. For example, real-time shipping is available on all plans, but if you want to use certain companies like FedEx, or manage returns, you’ll need one of the more expensive packages.

    Payment options

    More than 100 payment options are available in total including Paypal, Facebook, and Amazon.


    Customers have access to a built-in tax manager that covers all states and jurisdictions in the US. You just need to add zip codes of areas you’re going to sell in and 3dcart should auto calculate relevant taxes.


    Dropshipping is fully supported on all plans.

    Abandoned cart recovery

    The program allows for automated emails to those who abandon carts and can provide stats on how many customers leave your site without purchasing.

    Managing store on a mobile device

    You can manage your online store using your phone, and the sites are optimized for use with HTML via most smartphones.

    What is Easy for Users at 3dcart

    • 3dcart makes it easy to get started. Using one of its website templates, you could have a basic store up and running in just a few hours
    • It's simple to integrate add-ons into your website. Simply choose the ones you want from the store, and slot them in where you need them
    • If you have any issues with your site, most of the customer service options are open 24/7, meaning you don’t have to wait long for a solution

    What is Difficult for Users on 3dcart

    • If you’re looking for detailed customization options, then 3dcart won’t be for you, especially if you don’t have any coding skills. To get the most out of the website  customization, you’ll need some knowledge of HTML coding
    • It’s difficult to access the best features unless you upgrade to one of the premium plans
    • If you’re a medium-sized business, you probably won’t need it, as the transaction limit is set at $1 million. If you earn more than this, you’ll need to sign up as an enterprise client and it will build a custom option for you, which could get a little pricey

    Best 3dcart Stores

    Given 3dcart’s packages are focused on smaller businesses, it can be difficult to find examples of websites that use the platform. However, below are some examples of its enterprise clients:


    LogoUp https://www.logoup.com/

    Trimet https://trimet.org/

    Alternatives to 3dcart

    While there are some decent templates and features on offer, the program won’t be for everyone. Some might want a more modern look, while others are looking for more customization.

    Here are some alternatives:

    SquareSpace - this is similar to 3dcart and is also a template website builder. However, Squarespace has thousands of modern templates on offer and a wider variety of add-ons.

    Magento - This is the ultimate in eCommerce customization tools. This open-source code has 1000s of integrations and modifications available, making it a web developer’s dream.

    Bigcommerce - Get your hands on a huge variety of website building features.

    3dcart FAQs

    Am I allowed to use my own web domain with 3dcart?

    Yes, you can register or transfer any domain.

    Does 3dcart have an SSL certificate?

    Yes, an SSL certificate comes as standard with every plan.

    Does 3dcart provide hosting to business?

    Yes, you can host with 3dcart

    Can I change my account any time with 3dcart?

    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time to suit your business.

    Does 3dcart take care of shipping for me?

    Yes, but bear in mind different shipping options are available with different plans.

    Is 3dcart a good option for eCommerce activity

    Yes, it's great for freelancers and small business owners alike. You can get set up quickly with a large range of payment options and add-ons.

    What’s the best alternative to 3dcart?

    You might want to try out Squarespace. It’s similar, but offers more templates and is even quicker to set up.