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    Top Ecommerce Conversion Hacks

    Conversions are the essence of success in ecommerce. A conversion is a subjective measure which can be defined by the website owner or marketer, in line with their goals and strategy. 

    Typically, a conversion means completing a sale, but there are other ways by which a conversion can be defined. Here are some examples:

    • Adding items to the cart
    • Saving items in a wishlist
    • Subscribing by leaving an email address

    Recent surveys and studies show that the average conversion rate for e-commerce websites in 2020 is 2.86%. Every little counts, and edging up this number means more revenue for your bottom line.

    Read on to learn about some battle-tested hacks to skyrocket your ecommerce conversion rate.

    Test Your Site Speed And Fix It If You Need

    Slow websites can kill sales. Customers who are not familiar with your brand will not need an excuse to come back after bouncing due to a laggy experience. 

    Conversions can reduce easily by a whopping 7% if there is a delay of even one second. 

    Bring your website loading speed down to under three seconds in order to generate a higher conversion rate. 

    You can also implement the technology of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which will reduce loading times and create a mobile-friendly website. 

    Test your speed with Google PageSpeed or Pingdom to get an understanding of the current baseline speed of your site. 

    Focus On CRO

    Here are some of the best hacks for Conversion Ratio Optimization (CRO) to increase your ecommerce website conversion rate:

    • Strategic Placement And Content For Call To Action - The CTA plays an important role in guiding visitors towards conversion on the website. Try to make an effective CTA by using different colors to give a visual appeal, use simple buttons, and keep the CTA copy short and sweet
    • Live Chat Tools - A live chat tool helps to win the trust of your customers, boost business credibility, and enhance customer satisfaction
    • Mobile Friendliness - Over 1.2 billion users access the web through their mobile phones. Modern-day customers like to purchase while they are on the go. If your ecommerce website is not mobile compatible, your conversion rates will suffer

    M-Commerce Is Your Friend

    Use a responsive design that will automatically respond to fit the device a visitor is using. If the design is done right, it will enhance the user experience and minimize the need to resize or scroll down the page. 

    Smartphone users should be your first target as they account for nearly 70% of all mobile transactions. If you have to choose between smartphone optimization or tablet optimization, target the smartphone users first. 

    M-Commerce is based on impulse buying, and for this reason, the technical experience of your customers is of paramount importance in order to make sure nothing stands between them and between making a purchase.

    Make Sure The Checkout System Is Polished To Perfection

    You should make sure the checkout experience on your website is smooth, intuitive, and hassle-free. For example, some online stores require customers to sign up before they can proceed with order completion, and this can hinder conversion rates. 

    You can avoid this error by offering a guest checkout option with minimal steps. This can be useful for customers who may have forgotten their credentials. An advanced shopping cart allows you to offer this option while ensuring that the guest receives all the requisite information in their inbox. In the meantime, you will also be able to easily record the transaction details on your end.

    Use A/B Testing

    One of the most important parts of conversation optimization is testing your product pages and checkout processes to see what is actually working for your store. 

    By determining the best page layouts, images, copy, and CTA, it can help to boost your conversions. 

    The technique that will work for your competitor may not work for you and the only way to determine what works for you is through A/B testing. 

    Some tools offer A/B testing that make it easy to split-test different versions of your pages and processes and also help to analyze the difference that a simple tweak can make.

    Give Killer Service

    Many brands have built their reputation with the help of amazing customer service. 

    The unique selling point of your brand which revolves around superior service will make you stand out from the countless other companies selling perhaps the same products as you. 

    You will be able to boost conversations if you make sure your customers have direct access to service when they need it, as well as any additional service elements you can offer such as consultations, complaint forms, or advanced ticket systems. 

    When customers make a purchase, it is not just about the products. By providing a level of service that stands out, you are doing wonders for your conversion rates, as well as enhancing repeat business.

    Bottom Line

    In today’s competitive world, it is not enough to just continue doing what you have always done and expect different and better results. 

    Taking effective methods is all about assessing what is actually happening in order to constantly refine and improve your strategies. 

    Implement the tips above to skyrocket your website’s conversion rates to new highs.