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    Top 5 Marketing Podcasts For Ecommerce Merchants

    Marketing Podcasts

    Podcasts showcase expert opinions and real-life marketing examples related to social media, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, and so on. Usually, these are free to listen to and provide in-depth insights that can help online businesses maximize their profits. 

    Today, we’ll focus on the best marketing podcasts for ecommerce merchants that you should definitely listen to.

    The Digital Marketer Podcast

    The Digital Marketer Podcast by DigitalMarketer is a weekly show that’s hosted by Jenna Snavely and Garrett Holmes. The show features exclusive interviews with experts in the field. These professionals address insights from the actual world. 

    Its episodes come with detailed learning on concepts like building consultancy and agencies from scratch, building profitable sales pages, creating consistent content, implementing equity, diversity, and inclusivity for a safe working environment, developing advanced marketing campaign ideas based on locations, and so forth. 

    Ecommerce MasterPlan Podcast 

    The Ecommerce MasterPlan Podcast is a weekly program designed by Chloe Thomas. It provides information, advice, and online training for developing ecommerce businesses through operative analysis and strategies. 

    Each podcast is packed with inspiring stories that share tips for obtaining new customers. It also informs listeners of essential technology.

    In addition, the podcast provides detailed insights on how to maintain profits during a downturn as well as obtaining underpinning rights for the potential growth of the business. It accomplishes this by sharing expert interviews with marketers, managers, and even business owners. 

    The Marketing Scoop By SEMrush 

    Marketing Scoop is a weekly podcast produced by SEMrush that’s hosted by an array of business professionals. The podcast broadcasts the latest trends and news of the digital marketing world with detailed discussions on advertising, content creation, and SEO. It also shares the success stories of local and global brands like Uber, IKEA, SAP, Vodafone, Google, and so on. 

    Interviews and episodes bring out cohesive techniques, strategies, tools, and advertising campaigns that inspire marketers worldwide. The shows reveal true stories that help you boost your profits in terms of digital marketing. 

    The Science Of Social Media By Buffer 

    The Science of Social Media is a collection of all the Buffer podcasts designed by a team of expert buffers including Brian Peters, Heather-Mae Pusztai, Kevan Lee, Alfred Lua, and many more. The team provides detailed insight into growth, sales, marketing, social media, inspiring stories, and news. 

    The collection provides detailed guidelines with social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The team also provides effective case study projects for detailed learning with the utmost transparency and effective content creation. 

    The Animalz Podcast 

    Another weekly podcast focusing on content marketing, The Animalz Podcast delivers effective strategies that help in meeting the challenges of developing ecommerce businesses. Its professional team delivers unique solutions for content creation for businesses looking for sustainable long-term growth.

    The services are tailored as per the goals and requirements of the companies. The episodes are readily available on various platforms like YouTube, Overcast, iTunes, Spotify, and RSS. This podcast by Jimmy Dale discusses creating a strategy that helps to overcome common problems. Moreover, he’ll discuss a multitude of advanced topics. 

    The Bottom Line 

    All these weekly podcasts and episodes are meant to help you better understand the market, your competitors, and devise strategies that can help your ecommerce store generate more revenue.

    Most of the podcasts are free and are hosted by experts with decades of experience in their respective fields.

    Tune into one or more podcasts and find out tried and tested ways that can help you achieve your business goals.