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    Top 5 Ecommerce Builders In India In 2020

    Ecommerce Builders In India

    As more and more customers opt for online shopping, having an eCommerce website has become essential for offline retailers. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use builder that can help you build a website quickly, check out this list of the best eCommerce builders in India.


    This platform ranks among the top solutions for building a customizable web application or website. Some of the essential features from Shopify include: 

    • Huge stock of professional template designs from designers like Clearleft, Happy Cog, and Pixel Union 
    • Detailed integration with various applications such as Inventory Source, Ordoro, and eCommHub 
    • Allows the builder to create online stores with a personalized touch for free 
    • Supports 19 different languages 
    • Detailed integration with social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest 
    • Quick and easy management of data on importing, filtered exports, and forms 
    • Customized fields support data storage and display, content management, meta fields editor, and so on 

    This site builder also provides email marketing, reporting tools, and SEO tools at a minimum package ranging from $29 to $299 for a month. 


    An innovative solution based on SaaS, Squarespace helps with website building and web hosting facilities. The platform is popular for supplying a selection of drag-and-drop functions, professional templates, comprehensive toolsets, and high definition websites. Here’s the list of exclusive features from Squarespace:

    • Applications, analytics, and commerce available for Android and iOS
    • Also provides apps for social sites, domains, design, email, and blogging 
    • Multiple third-party customizations like Zocdoc, AdSense, Etsy, MLS Search, and so on
    • Quick and easy switching among languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italy, Portuguese, and so forth
    • Multiple SEO tools including but not limited to mobile optimization, cleaning URLs, HTML markup, Google optimized image search, and SSL certificates
    • Compatible with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter 

    Utilize this site builder and all its features for a minimum monthly package of $12. 


    This is one of the most widely chosen eCommerce solutions by enterprise-level brands. BigCommerce is a scalable and safe SaaS solution for the growth and development of your business. Here are some of the top features that come with this platform:

    • Supplies various themes and designs that are customizable like in-built JavaScript, HTML, and CSS 
    • Provides powerful apps for eCommerce along with enterprise integration. These include ShipStation, Shogun Page Builder, Google Shopping, JustUn, ShipperHQ, Rewind Backups, and so on
    • Completely focuses on the global market with an online store fashioned in multiple languages like Chinese, Tamil, Italian, Dutch, Korean, German, and more
    • Supports social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook 
    • Offers many options for custom fields
    • Advanced reporting tools such as insights and analytics 

    One can simply build an e-commerce website using BigCommerce with a monthly package of $29.95. 


    Volusion is currently serving more than 30,000 merchants and 180,000 entrepreneurs in the market. The experts at Volusion work with a detailed analysis of a business, pricing, and functions to deliver the very best eCommerce sites to its users. Here are its features: 

    • Professionally designed themes and designs for a completely responsive website 
    • Easy management of products lists and services for online selling 
    • Artistic templates for different industries like makeup, music, arts and crafts, beverage and food, fashion, cutlery, and more
    • Customizable themes with quick navigation, cross-browser compatibility, social sharing, infinite scrolling, product images, and others
    • Connect with the global market through apps, integrations, and add-ons like Doba/li>, Amazon product ads, 1 800 accountant, hover, grasshopper, and rocket lawyer

    Based on the site plan and level of an enterprise, pricing on this platform ranges from a monthly package of $26 to $269. 


    Magento is one of the best open-source eCommerce builders because it serves customizable websites with thousands of tools, apps, developer functions, and add-ons. Here are the features that make this platform a top contender: 

    • Selection of customizable templates through third-party import facility 
    • Gives total control over programming languages, PHP, and other customization options 
    • The open-source feature helps developers create and integrate apps easily into the website 
    • Social integration with various online stores like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Etsy, and others
    • Supplies advanced reporting tools so users can track the performance of products, conversions, and traffic

    This highly customizable builder offers free downloads. However, the user will have to pay hosting charges. 

    Bottom Line 

    Undoubtedly, there are many eCommerce builders on the market that are available in India. Therefore, make sure you assess your business requirements, compare the available options, and choose a platform that provides you complete control of every element of your online