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    The Most Effective Mobile Website Builders In 2020

    Today, every website needs to be responsive without fail. Compatibility with mobile devices will define a website’s bounce rate, conversion rate, and even Google search ranking. Here are some important statistics to consider:

    • 40% of online transactions are made via a mobile device
    • 90% of visitors will leave a website that is not mobile-friendly
    • 79% of smartphone users in the US have made a purchase online

    The importance of having a mobile-friendly website is clear, and choosing the best builder for your goals is the very first step.

    The Top 5 Mobile Builders


    WordPress can be used with many different builders to create a customized website that is fully responsive. The popular builder Elementor, for example, offers an easy drag-and-drop interface with many customization options. It has a basic free mobile website builder and the paid plans offer a variety of additional features. While it is free, Elementor has three plans - $49/$99/$199 per year.


    • More control and ownership over your website
    • There are multiple free templates available


    • You will need to take care of hosting and security yourself, as WordPress is not an “all-in-one” solution

    WordPress is the answer for any website builder with some technical knowledge or someone who would like a custom mobile site. While it is not the simplest solution, it can be highly cost effective when you know what you are doing.


    When it comes to Squarespace, the most striking feature is its delivery of images through well designed, modern templates that look highly polished and professional. The builder is especially recommended for visual industries such as cooking, jewelry, or art. You can get a free trial with this builder and the paid plans range from $12 per month to $40 per month.


    • Excellent for managing multiple websites
    • Advanced payment processing ability and shopping cart modules
    • Reasonable pricing with substantial added value


    • The building interface is not as simple as Wix or Shopify
    • There is no app store for Squarespace, so you could be limited if you wanted to enhance functionality using add-ons

    Squarespace is recommended as a mobile builder when imagery is a major part of your business. The manner in which high-resolution images are beautifully displayed on mobile using this builder is unmatched, even though this is not the most cost-effective or feature-rich choice.


    Wix is one of the most popular options for mobile website building due to its simplicity. There are two package types offered: regular websites and ecommerce websites.

    The prices for the regular website packages range from $13 to $39 per month, while the ecommerce packages start at $23 and stretch up to $500 per month.


    • Wix is easy to use for absolutely anyone seeking to build a website
    • The templates offered are modern and impressive with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder
    • There is a decent free plan available


    • The ecommerce functions are limited
    • Storage is limited on some of the plans

    Wix is recommended as a mobile website builder given it is fully responsive across all devices, with an easy drag-and-drop builder alongside many customization options. It also offers a wide variety of apps that are all mobile-ready and will add functionality to your mobile site.


    Shopify is a natural choice when it comes to eCommerce, and the prices are simple and all-inclusive. All plans will give you a website that is fully responsive across mobile and tablet devices, with many themes to choose from.

    It is not suitable for regular sites but online stores only, and the result is a fully functional and responsive online store that looks great across all devices with streamlined sales and check-out modules.


    • The themes to choose from, both free and paid, are impressive and eye-catching
    • The support offered is one of the best in the industry


    • The pricing can quickly rise as you upgrade and add apps or third-party gateways
    • To make advanced customizations, you will need to find a Shopify developer which is not as common as a WordPress developer

    What To Look For In A Mobile Site Builder

    Here are the features you need to check before choosing a mobile site builder:

    • Solid & Reliable Hosting - A solid hosting service will ensure that your website is displayed correctly. When it comes to WordPress, you will need to find your own hosting, but the other four options listed will feature hosting included in packages./li>
    • Responsiveness Across All Devices - You need to check that a builder is responsive across all devices, and the only way to tell is by testing as many devices as possible.
    • Easy Design Options & Templates - You will be able to make changes to your site easily without needing a developer based on many of the choices on our list. Going for a drag-and-drop interface is the best direction given you can visually plan how your mobile site will look.
    • Ecommerce Tools - It is good to have ecommerce tools available, even if you are starting out as a regular website because you may want to add ecommerce functionality later.
    • Visually Appealing Templates - Going for professionally designed ready-made templates can save you time if you are seeking to get your mobile site up quickly.
    • Apps That Are Compatible -It is best to go for a builder that has a strict vetting process for the various apps they will offer, with an emphasis on working well on mobile.

    Summing Up

    These five builders are all excellent choices, but each is recommended for different reasons. Here is a summary of the best options and what they are most suitable for accomplishing:

    Before picking, establishing your mobile site-building goals will ensure you ultimately choose the best option.