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    How To Quickly Set Up A "Buy Online And Pick Up" Store With Shopify

    Shopify has really stepped up during the current Covid-19 crisis. Between free webinars, a generous 90-day free trial, and some free services until October 2020, a wealth of benefits can be gained at this time for very little to no cost. 

    One of the most important things Shopify has introduced is its curbside pickup option for businesses. 

    Needless to say, local stores around the world are suffering from this crisis and many of them need to adapt. 

    This service which enables customers to pick up products at a predetermined location near their homes, can save many brick-and-mortar businesses and keep them afloat.

    Read on to find out more.

    How Does It Work? 

    Instead of having products shipped and delivered to their homes, customers will now be able to pick up a product they bought online, without even leaving their car. 

    Coming directly to the merchant’s warehouse or store to pick up a product has several important benefits:

    1. Delivery delays due to Covid-19 can be surpassed
    2. Precious time is saved and the customer can get their product as soon as they want it
    3. Carrier fees are saved for the merchant and the customer


    Eligibility And Set Up

    In order to apply the local pickup option, Shopify stores must meet the following criteria:

    • Less than 20 locations
    • Multiple location inventory function enabled
    • Multi-origin shopping function enabled

    Prepare Logos, Photos, And Product Descriptions

    Using the Buy Online And Pick Up function, it is recommended to provide as much information as you can about your store and products. Here are the important things you need to prepare before adding products and getting started:

    • Photos Of Your Retail Store - To give customers a feeling of familiarity, it is important to provide attractive photos of your store and staff members.
    • Logo & Icon - In times like these, branding is more important than ever. If you do not have a logo yet, this is the time to create one and have it ready for your new online store.
    • Product Descriptions - This is vital information about your products that the customers will read when considering making a purchase. Color, sizes, measurements, features, and other key details should all be prepared in a short and concise manner.
    • Product Photos - This is perhaps the most important information about your products, as customers tend to look at photos more than reading the descriptions. Make sure all photos are of high quality, visually appealing, and representative of the product you are selling. 

    Set Up Your Store

    Now that you have all the product information ready, you can finally set up your store. On Shopify’s homepage, you will be able to start your account and benefit from a free 90-day free trial. You will need to create your store name and URL at this stage

    Next, you will have to carry out the following steps to get set up:

    1. Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Set Local Pickup 
    2. Select the locations that will offer local pickup for your store
    3. Adjust any settings according to your preferences, and click “Enable Local Pickup”

    Add Products

    Adding products is simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

    1. Shopify Admin > Products > All Products > Add Product
    2. Enter the title, description and image of your product
    3. Select “Track Inventory” and uncheck “This is a Physical Product”
    4. If you have variants (for example sizes and colors), make sure to edit them at this stage.
    5. Assign your products to the chosen location, and make sure you check the box “fulfill online orders from this location”. You can choose any location you like, such as your warehouse or other convenient location; it does not have to be the store itself.



    Now it is time to give your store the look and feel you wish to convey to your customers. Shopify gives ample opportunity to customize your store in various ways. Here are some of the steps:

    1. Edit your homepage by selecting Themes > Customize
    2. To edit the theme, you can use the Theme Editor, for example to change its default sections and layout.
    3. Select your image and enter your text. It is recommended to use an image with a text overlay for maximum effect.
    4. Make sure you include a call to action on the homepage, such as a button with the text “start shopping” or “check out the new collection”.
    5. Edit your header and add your logo.


    Bottom Line

    Shopify has made it easy to transform your brick-and-mortar business into a “buy online and pick up” store with convenient curbside pickup. With easy payments and intuitive, user-friendly technology, absolutely any store owner who has encountered trouble due to the Covid-19 crisis can utilize this innovative offering, while taking advantage of the 90-day free trial.