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    Optimize Your Store’s Meta Descriptions For Better Traffic

    Stores Meta Descriptions

    Meta descriptions are a crucial element for every website. It’s purpose involves delivering a basic brief about the content featured on the website. It also helps search engine bots understand the content of the website better. Accordingly, it’s important to conduct ample research and write relevant meta descriptions so that your products are shown to the right audience. 

    Generally, a meta description is a short description describing the contents of a web page. On a standard note, it should range between 150-160 characters maximum and should include the necessary keywords that are required for the audience to search your site. This meta description will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) just below the URL of your website. 

    The ranking of your website also depends upon how well your website’s meta description is optimized for SERP results. Read on to learn how to write perfect meta texts along with optimization tricks for better ranking and visibility.

    How You Can Add Meta Descriptions For Your Products And Pages?

    The meta description isn’t visible when someone opens your website. It is only shown in the search engine results. This means you need to add them from the backend. If you run a WordPress website, you can add meta descriptions using SEO plugins like Yoast, RankMath, and others. On other websites, you need to add it to the <head> section of your website’s HTML code. 

    What Is The Right Length For Meta Descriptions?

    There is no limit on the length of the meta description. However, Google has restricted the display of texts to a maximum of 160 characters due to lack of space on the search engine page. Therefore, make sure to create the description carefully by including all the important details and keywords. Moreover, limit the description to between 150 to 160 characters for perfect visibility across all devices. 

    Why Are Meta Descriptions So Important?

    Meta descriptions are not directly linked with SEO rankings, but they are known to be one of the best indirect SEO tricks.

    Here’s why they are so important for every website: 

    • They are organic and free ads for your website. You can promote your website through meta descriptions for free instead of running Google Ads for visibility
    • They help Google determine whether your website is relevant to the search made by the audience or not, thus pushing your website to a higher rank on the search page
    • Websites with meta descriptions display authenticity and drive more clicks than websites without descriptions

    Writing The Best Meta Descriptions

    Writing a good meta description is as important as writing good ad copy.

    You should create a description that relates to the content of your website and is concurrently attractive enough to grab the attention of the audience so that they are motivated to click on the URL.

    Here are some of the important points that may help with writing the best meta descriptions:

    • Research and analyze what makes you different from your competitors. Make sure to include the unique selling proposition (USP) in an attention-grabbing manner
    • Always research the keywords and include high-volume keywords in the description so that it can serve the benefit of SEO for your website
    • Don't sound promotional in the description. Make sure to create a description that isn’t salesy or hard to read. Instead, keep it short and snappy
    • Write multiple descriptions and test them to determine which works best for organic search results
    • Always track changes in keyword search volume and rankings to make the necessary changes as and when required

    Examples Of Optimal Meta Descriptions

    There are a number of valuable examples that can help you comprehend the best ways to create a perfect meta description for your website. Keep reading to see how the world’s biggest enterprises handle this demand.

    • Amazon

    Amazon not only explains the categories that are listed for selling products but also mentions that these products are available at the lowest prices on their store.

    • Samsung

    Samsung generally offers a huge category of electronics. Yet, when someone searches for a smartphone, it displays a meta description describing its latest smartphones. Similarly, when someone searches for any other electronic item, it uses product-specific meta descriptions for each page to grab attention. 

    • Tesla

    Tesla uses a 22-word description that conveys the brand values, products, and vision in a concise and crisp way. It is one of the best examples of great copywriting.

    • Semplice

    Semplice features a straightforward and descriptive meta description that is right on point. The description tells you exactly what you’ll receive once you click on the link.

    Bottom Line

    Meta descriptions are easy to create and go a long way towards improving your site’s ranking and visibility for organic search queries. Follow the steps listed above, review descriptions of well-known sites, and come up with a unique description for your website to ensure you deliver the best possible traffic results for your store.