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    How To Add Trustworthiness To Your Online Store

    Trustworthiness is arguably the most important factor for any online store. With so much competition in the online space, customers are looking for safety alongside attractive products. 

    Seeing as customers cannot physically meet you or see your products, it is important to add elements that encourage trust and convey that your store is safe to buy from.

    Here are some of the main reasons online shoppers are concerned with trustworthiness:

    • They want to know that their transactions are taking place in a safe environment
    • Customers want to feel confident that they will get a quality product
    • Online shoppers seek fair returns and exchanges policies

    You can create a trustworthy image for your potential customers by following some or all of the tips below.

    Add Trust Badges

    Trust badges increase conversion and give online shoppers a quick visual cue about the nature of your company, and any third parties you may be working with. There are two types of trust badges:

    Generic trust badges which describe satisfaction levels and quality control.

    Third-party trust badges which boost trust levels through association

    Optimally, using both of these types in tandem will enable to transform your homepage into a place where online shoppers feel safe. Badges are powerful as they catch the eye and tell an important story in an instant. They are universally recognized, and tap into buyers’ deep psychology.

    One recommended free app on the Shopify App store that offers over 50 generic badges and 150 payment badges is “Free Trust Badge Master”. 


    Provide Social Proof

    Social proof is the concept of boosting credibility through presenting other customers’ activity. For example, if you know that an online store is widely popular with hundreds of purchases every day, you are more likely to make a purchase there, than with an unproven new store where you are the first customer.

    On Shopify, the popular free app “Sales Pop Up” is the ultimate tool for creating social proof on your website. Here are some of its best features:

    • A stock countdown feature 
    • Live sales popups which show how many purchases are being made
    • Urgency-creating tools like countdown popups


    Create Accurate Shipping And Returns Policy

    Legally speaking, it is very important that your store has clear terms and conditions when it comes to shipping and returns for two reasons:

    1. This is often one of the first things online Shoppers check before making a purchase. In fact, Over 60% of customers will review terms and conditions before taking out their credit cards, and 79% expect favorable returns and exchanges policies.
    2. In case of any dispute, the terms and conditions on your site are the very first thing Your customer will check, and you will need to rely on well written terms to make any kind of case.

    A great Shopify App that will help you to get your customers to agree to your terms and conditions is “I Agree To Terms”. It costs $2.50 per month and it offers a variety of advanced features.


    Provide Great Service

    The single most important element of building credibility is to provide excellent service at all times. If you have trust badges, social proof, and professional terms and conditions, none of it will matter if there is no one manning the chat or if potential customers don't receive responses to their enquiries. 

    Here are the top apps on Shopify that will help you give great customer service from the outset: 

    1. “Gorgias” is an all-inclusive live chat and helpdesk app that gives an all-inclusive support system to your ecommerce store for $60 a month. During the 7-day free trial, you will be able to check out its feature, such as integration with customers’ orders to give more accurate assistance as well as the ability to see what pages your customers are currently viewing.


    2. “WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart” is a great free app that will enable you to connect a WhatsApp account so online shoppers can get in touch with you directly, straight from their mobile phones. Also, the abandoned cart recovery feature can help bring back customers who have left your store. 


    3. The “Facebook Messenger Marketing” app will enable you to communicate with your potential customers via Messenger. Faster than email, this medium can be convenient for your visitors and grant you the ability to respond faster to queries. This app is completely free and has many positive reviews.


    Bottom Line

    In the world of ecommerce, trustworthiness cannot be overestimated. A website that does not convey a credible image will simply experience fewer conversions. There are many ways to enhance trustworthiness along with excellent tools to facilitate this. 

    As mentioned, the single most important element of building trust and a relationship with your customers is good service, and this is where the emphasis must be placed.