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    How To Handle A Sales Surge In Ecommerce

    With the increase in the number of people that are shopping online, there have been instances of sudden sales surges in many eCommerce companies. This pattern is prevalent in the companies that have been around for a while and in those that are new to the market.

    In such circumstances, the owners can incorporate specific techniques to help them avoid stress and to keep the customers satisfied. Plugins and extensions come in handy in situations like these. You can automate the process and set order limits to continue your work without backlogs. This could help avoid confusion among customers and avoid overworking employees.

    Set Up Order Limits Per Customer

    If you have a smaller operational unit or if you’re operating with reduced staff, it’s essential that you limit the orders. As counterintuitive as this might sound, accepting more orders than you can manage will lead to a backlog. This could cause stress among the staff, and you might end up disappointing your customers. 

    The WooCommerce extension will help you set a limit for allowable orders for a specific period of time. If the daily limit is up, your website won’t allow customers to place orders. Instead, they’ll get a message that’ll explain the threshold. They can then visit the website the next day to proceed with the order.

    Always Keep Your Customers Informed

    If you have backlogs, always let your customer know. Most customers will understand the situation if you make yourself clear. This way, you won’t disappoint your customers, and they’ll be informed about their order status. 

    You can save a considerable amount of time by automating these processes with the aid of WooCommerce extensions. You can create order statuses using the “order status manager extension.” You can also add numerous steps to the order flow to help make the process clear to your customers. 

    There are many other extensions that can generate automatic emails to customers whenever the order status changes. Therefore, the buyers will be informed about their order progress at all times. You can also let your customers create their own accounts so that they can log in to their accounts to keep an eye on the order statuses. The customized status flow will make the entire process a lot easier for the customers.

    Enable Your Staff To Handle The Surge

    It’s crucial that you align your staff with the amount of traffic you’re dealing with. When you have essential staff dedicated to filling orders, you must make sure they’re not overworked. 

    If you create a bottleneck situation, the efficiency of the staff will go down, and they won't be able to make effective decisions. Keep the staff engaged in the right way and give them enough breaks to keep the process going.

    ‘Advanced notifications’ can help you with stock notifications and additional order notifications for staff members. You can automate email alerts regarding the inventory of the products. These notifications can alert your staff about the stock statuses so that they’ll be able to reorder and restock items in advance. You can also notify suppliers directly by setting up automatic reorders.

    Automate As Much As Possible

    Automation is the key to surviving an online order surge. Business owners don’t have the time to send individual emails to update the customers about their orders. With the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine language, it’s now possible to automate almost every aspect of your online store. 

    Some of the automation processes include:

    • Generating shipping labels
    • Scheduling automatic pick-ups
    • Automatically calculate tax rates
    • Automating the refund requests 
    • Automating email confirmations of orders
    • Answering common customer queries through messenger bots
    • Sending out notifications and timed reminders

    Bottom Line

    With the heavy surge in online orders, running an eCommerce business can be tricky. It’s essential that you handle the situation with the utmost care while also keeping your customers and staff in mind. Adopt smart automation solutions to help make the process easier for everyone. By doing so, you’ll be prepared to tackle sudden surges in orders.