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    How SMS Marketing Can Be A Part Of Your Ecommerce Strategy?

    SMS Marketing

    The tactic of cold calling is falling behind as preferences shift towards more non-intrusive marketing tactics like SMS marketing. Millennials are driving the trend towards texting campaigns given over 50% of young adults prefer texting over calling.

    Ecommerce businesses can benefit significantly by integrating SMS marketing into their campaigns. It helps drive engagement, clicks, and conversions. Read on to learn how to use SMS marketing for ecommerce along with helpful best practices.

    Benefits Of Using SMS Marketing For Ecommerce

    Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days. As more and more customers spend an increasing amount of time on mobile devices, SMS is a great way to connect with them. Here are some major benefits of employing SMS marketing in ecommerce:

    • Businesses are adopting a more mobile-friendly approach to marketing, starting with SMS marketing, which adds a more personal touch and assures higher open-rates
    • Promotional texts encourage more responses from people and generate automatic traffic to websites. By comparison, the journey from calls to websites is a long detour and doesn’t have a comparable conversion rate
    • Texting is the best way to connect with an unknown person without annoying them to answer yet another marketing call
    • People in the 18 to 44 age range are loyal to communication over text messages, tailed by emails. Adding to this number is the fact that generally SMS are opened within 3 minutes of being received

    SMS Marketing Best Practices

    There are a lot of online tools that can help you seamlessly set up SMS campaigns. However, it’s equally important to follow tried-and-tested best practices to get the most out of your efforts.

    Adhere To Compliance Rules

    When signing up, users generally share their phone number. It’s almost natural to fall into the plan of sending users SMS campaigns who haven’t explicitly asked for it. To someone who doesn’t want to be bothered by promotional texts, even one text is spam. 

    If you don’t respect people’s privacy and honor their wish to be left alone, you stand the risk of losing a potential customer. There are innumerable examples where eager texting has left people flustered and driven them to unsubscribe from the contact list. Make sure to follow GDPR and privacy compliance best practices before sending out bulk texts.

    Allow Recipients To Opt-In And Opt-Out

    While it’s difficult to get a user to sign up for SMS contact, it’s a bigger responsibility to keep them interested in the business. Curating great SMS campaigns is a sure-shot way to keep fragile attention engaged. 

    When the open rates go as high as 40% consistently it means your campaigns are generating interest, which in turn reflects your source traffic. Yet, the flip side to this reality should also be embraced given users will often opt-out at high rates. It’s also essential to take their decision-making into account by presenting them with the choice in the text itself.

    Decide Why And When You'll Send The Messages

    Ecommerce businesses must strategize on why and when to send out SMS updates. Every business needs customer satisfaction in their corner to become a household brand. Share carefully curated messages with customers that show interest in their choices and resonate with their needs. 

    While customers are used to receiving updates about their preferences, they are always happy to share their happiness with others. A great SMS strategy lies in figuring out the quality that you can provide to the customers.

    Don't Be Intrusive

    While it must be exciting to have customers scrolling through your products, good businesses know that throwing pop-ups, advertisements, or texting widgets in a customer’s face aren’t the smoothest way to win over them. 

    Show opt-ins, but make sure not to overdo it. Test the navigation and user-friendliness of the landing pages before starting SMS campaigns. Ecommerce business owners need to realize that a carefully optimized page prompts user responses in the most subtle ways.

    Write Short And Simple Messages

    With the average attention span falling gradually, marketers have to constantly come up with smart ideas that capture a customer’s attention. A small message, compiled with a CTA, should do the trick. SMS should be short, to the point, and communicate with the recipient with the intent of sharing an update. 

    Most businesses generate traffic by incorporating a link to their website or desired social media location where they want more visibility. If you are an ecommerce brand, you can take this opportunity to drive traffic to the pages where you are currently focusing.

    Automate The Process

    The responsibility associated with initiating text campaigns is that you have to time your messages. As your business grows, you should start investing in automated solutions. They are the most cost-effective way to let your customers know how carefully you are monitoring their business and that you take them seriously. 

    For instance, Amazon’s dedicated SMS automation service keeps track of every movement of a purchase and lets the customer know that their business is in trusted hands. To begin with, Shopify’s SMSBump automation is a trusted app that will get you going.

    Bottom Line

    If you’re looking for a way to connect with more consumers and increase your marketing campaign’s clickthrough rates, you absolutely should consider SMS marketing. Follow the best practices listed above, find an automation tool that fits, and start promoting your products to a larger audience today to help your online store thrive.