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    5 Halloween Marketing Ideas To Try In 2020

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    Have you started noticing many horror-themed street ads, spooky decorations, and cheesy jokes on social media? It’s that time again, Halloween is just around the corner.

    Halloween is the fourth most popular holiday, and it marks the beginning of the festive season. This is the time when customers open up their wallets and go on a shopping spree. In fact, retail spending for this holiday in 2019 was estimated at $8.8 billion by the National Retail Federation. 

    If you run an ecommerce store, it’s time for you to get super excited because the highest sales peak of the year is about to begin officially. So roll up your sleeves, stock up on themed products, build a robust Halloween marketing strategy, and start attracting more buyers to your store. 

    Not sure where to start? Read on to learn more about some amazing Halloween marketing ideas that will help you attract, engage, and convert more customers.  

    Add Halloween Theme To Your Branding

    The first and foremost thing you need to do before kicking off your Halloween marketing campaign is to decorate your website and social media profiles with a relevant theme. You need to make sure that the theme is consistent across all online platforms so your target audience can recognize it easily. 

    According to a consumer survey by HelpScout, people tend to buy two times the amount they usually would if they’re satisfied with the look and feel of an ecommerce website. Since it’s Halloween season, adding the right amount of spooky and scary elements to your online store will play an integral role in attracting and engaging more customers.

    You can try adding CTA buttons, sales announcements, navigation elements, and so forth. The idea is to give your website and social pages a unified festive aesthetic without compromising the user experience. Be it simple jack o’ lanterns in your official signature and brand logo or scary pop-culture references on social media; there’s a lot of ways to create buzz around your business.

    To add the final touch, make sure you select the right seasonal packaging and give your customers a thank you gift whenever they purchase from you. These incentives encourage brand loyalty. You can even send out surprise gift boxes to your premium customers and ask them to share their experiences on social media. Not only will this help generate repeat sales, but it’ll also help you generate user-generated content for your social media profiles and word of mouth referrals for your brand.

    Special Products For Halloween

    The number of search queries related to this holiday is rapidly increasing right now. Hence, it would be a good idea to start leveraging this yearly trend. For instance, keywords like ‘Halloween gifts,’ ‘Halloween treats,’ and so on have high search volume during this period. 

    Keeping this surge in mind, you should plan on broadening your store’s product range, at least temporarily. Choosing the right products depends on your brand, but it’s totally worth it. Even if you don’t plan on making direct sales, you can always use these themed items for upselling and cross-selling. 

    Yolli is one such brand that uses this Halloween sale idea to perfection. See the images below to get an idea of how it boosted sales by adding themed products.

    If you own an online clothing store, you can add a temporary category to sell costumes and accessories (eyeliners, masks, specialty makeup kit, and so forth). When a customer adds something to the cart, you can suggest these products. Keep in mind that cross-selling and upselling depends on relevance. By offering your customers more relevant products and pricing them competitively, you’re encouraging customers to buy in a bundle. 

    That said, make sure to procure fewer quantities of special products, or you’ll end up with dead stock. Check if any retailer is willing to tie-up so you can avoid the hassle of maintaining physical stock, warehouse bills, and supply chain management. 

    Pop-Ups And Interactive Campaigns

    Once you’ve added the theme and select products, you’ll need to market them. The easiest and most effective Halloween promotional ideas include running gamified promotions and interactive campaigns on your website and social media platforms. Preferably, you create an entirely new landing page.

    There’s no shortage of tools that you can use to build and manage these campaigns. However, the work might be more or less, depending on the ecommerce platform you use. For instance, if your online store is on WordPress, you can easily integrate third-party tools like Simple Giveaway, Interactive Promo, Marketing Toolkit by Optin Monster, and more. These plugins allow you to create, track, manage, and automate campaigns. Other similar tools include Adoric, Zoom Analytics, Hubspot, and so forth. 

    We recommend that you test multiple tools and select the one that best fits your needs and budget. Once you’re done creating your campaigns, make sure to use them on your social media profiles, website landing pages, and email newsletters to drive more traffic to your store.

    Another good idea that goes perfectly with interactive campaigns is timed pop-ups on your website. Pop-ups are a good way of letting your customers know about new updates or discount coupons. They also help redirect users to themed landing pages. To get the most out of these ads, you’ll need to ensure you perfectly time them. The pop-up designs shouldn’t hinder the user experience but should provide enough information to trigger an action. 

    Halloween-Themed Content

    As we mentioned earlier, specific keywords like ‘Halloween gift ideas’ and ‘Halloween DIY ideas’ increase greatly during this time. If you already have a blog on your ecommerce site, you can use these keywords to build themed content for your customers. There’s no scarcity of festive content, especially this year. Since COVID-19 has put a halt to everyday life, people are now continuously searching for ideas for hosting events at home, indoor games, party menus, and more.

    For instance, if you add a blog on the ‘top 10 Halloween gifts under $100’ or ‘how to host a Halloween party indoors’, your website will show up when the users search these keywords. If your content provides enough value to the reader, you may further push the viewer into your sales funnel. By using the themed pop-ups and CTAs, you can redirect consumers to the related products page and persuade them to buy from your store. 

    By targeting the right keywords and building relevant content, you’ll be able to drive more organic traffic to your website. This will boost your SERP visibility, thus increasing your store’s conversion rates and return on investment. 

    Halloween-Style Email Marketing Campaigns

    Email marketing never goes wrong. It’s a tried-and-tested evergreen marketing tactic that yields results. Consumer surveys have time and again underlined the fact that existing customers always prefer personalized emails, newsletters and coupons. 

    When you decide on sending out festive-style emails, make sure to add scary elements and customize every email to meet your goal. Look up designs and themed email templates that have the potential to engage your customers. Before you send out the emails, make sure that you’ve clearly defined mailing lists based on user behavior, persona, and preferences. 

    Almost every email service provider like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Mailjet, and Sendinblue provides pre-designed templates that you can easily customize with just a few drags and drops. To get desired results from your themed email marketing campaigns, make sure to include a catchy subject line, short and snappy email body, a lot of visuals, discount codes and coupons, and a direct call-to-action (CTA) on every email.

    Halloween Sales In Numbers

    Wondering about the numbers? Right now, more than 143 million Americans are already in the process of selecting and buying themed home decor, costumes, candies, gifts, and so on. 

    Here are some additional stats that underline how big of an opportunity it’s for all ecommerce stores to implement  Halloween sale ideas:

    • Estimated Halloween spending in 2019 was $8.8 billion with an average spend of $86.27 per person (172 million Americans)
    • 67% Americans spent almost $3.2 billion buying costumes
    • 95% Americans spent a total of $2.6 billion on candies
    • 72% spent nearly $2.7 billion on themed home decor
    • 35% shoppers spent around $390 million on greeting cards
    • The majority of these purchases were made at discount stores (almost 47.1%)

    Bottom line

    Halloween is the right time to gear up and introduce a holiday marketing campaign. Use the tips listed in this blog to build a definitive festive marketing strategy and start driving more organic traffic to your store. Just remember to keep a consistent theme, add new specialty products, and segregate your target audience. 

    Wishing you a spooktacular holiday!