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    Growth-Hacking Tools For Ecommerce

    We all know that setting up an ecommerce store is only half the battle.

    The second half is promoting your website, increasing traffic, and pushing for the ultimate goal - making more sales.

    In this article, we will cover some of the most powerful tools to get your store known, boost its growth and increase your bottom line.


    Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to keyword research.

    Keywords are the queries your potential customers put into a search engine. The results they get, and in which order, will define who they buy from.  

    If you’re selling shoes, but appear on page 26 of Google searches, you probably won’t be found so easily by potential customers.

    Seeing as ecommerce is all about margins and markups, getting cheap or free traffic is the holy grail for online store owners.  

    Using powerful keywords in your website and reinforcing them in a well-maintained blog, will help you climb in search engine rankings.

    Ahrefs is a premium tool for finding powerful keywords, and researching the demographics of searchers worldwide to answer these basic questions: 

    • What are they looking for?
    • Are they finding what they need?
    • How can I attract them to my website?

    Ahrefs can help you build keyphrases with intent words and modifiers built in, such as “best cheap laptops” or “buy unique gifts for men”.

    The longer the keyphrase, the more targeted the traffic will be - and there is no doubt that Ahrefs is the ultimate tool for this task.  


    Trial: $7 for 7 days

    $99 per month for the Lite Account

    $179 per month for the Standard Account 


    Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get your brand known, and represents a free and effective way to get more quality traffic to your website.

    One tool that can help with this is ReferralCandy.  

    This program is a referral system that runs automatically, and can give you useful analytics to assess reach and engagement, as well as the success of the campaign itself.

    This program integrates seamlessly with all of the major ecommerce site builders, such as:

    ReferralCandy also integrates with other third-party platforms to facilitate its performance, such as Mailchimp for sending out emails.

    The program works by automatically inviting your customers to promote on your behalf, tracking successful referrals, and distributing rewards to referring customers. 

    This system creates wider circles of organic customers through the power of organic growth, and all you need to do is activate the system ReferralCandy will do the rest. 


    Free Trial: 30 days

    $49 per month + monthly commission from referrals 

    Voila Norbert 

    This unique tool helps you to hunt for new leads.

    It is a system that allows you to find anyone’s email by providing a first name, last name, and a domain.

    This tool is especially useful when looking for high-profile individuals such as influencers, in order to reach out for collaborations.  

    For example, if you have a business for baby products, you might benefit from an influential parenting blogger mentioning you on her website.

    The question is - how do you get to her? This is where Voila Norbert comes into the picture. 

    Allowing you to find the right people and reach out to them could truly be a game changer for your online store, opening up the option for backlinks, collaborations and original ways to get your brand known. 


    Free trial: up to 50 leads

    $39 per month for 1000 leads

    $79 per month for 5000 leads 


    Quuu helps bridge the gap between your content, and those wanting to promote it.

    Social media influencers are always looking for new and interesting content to discuss, and if your content is hidden away, nobody will know about it. 

    This tool matches influencers with publishers, based on their niches, in order to make a win-win situation for both sides.

    As an ecommerce website, if you have a blog, this tool is a must-have.

    Within the Quuu back office, you will be able to create your own post.  

    From that point, once approved, it will be published on Twitter and/or Facebook by the relevant influencers and shared to a large circle of potential buyers within your niche.

    This creative tool, that many storeowners do not even know exists, could be all you need in order to break through and get your ecommerce store known. 


    $40 per month 

    Bottom Line 

    These are just some examples of the powerful tools at your disposal for promoting your online store.

    Many store owners feel lost, and don’t know where to begin.

    We can tell you that there is a tool for almost any purpose you can imagine, solving any growth problem you are experiencing.  

    These tools are not free, and certainly not cheap.

    However, the value of potential growth you get with each of these tools is mindblowing, truly helping take your business to the next level.