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    Growth-Hacking Tools For Ecommerce

    There are many ways to increase traffic and conversion rates in the world of ecommerce, with the most effective choice being discounts and sales.

    Using the element of urgency to enhance impulse buying is the best way to go, especially in a saturated market with much competition. 

    Read on to find out the best tips for using these tools to your advantage.

    Flash Sales 

    A flash sale is a classic way to create urgency. This can be done in the following ways:

    • Limited stock
    • Limited time 

    This method is usually delivered in flashy methods, as the name implies, with bright and eye-catching banners which are placed on the website for a limited time.

    A countdown module is usually embedded in the banner, showing the time left to grab the offer.  

    This is easily done through the backend of any ecommerce website builder you’re using, through a variety of extensions and add-ons. 

    Abandoned Cart Promotions

    A common and unfortunate phenomenon for ecommerce store owners is the habit of customers abandoning their carts.

    Losing focus, getting distracted, or checking out another website are common reasons, though sometimes customers can be simply deterred by the price of their cart.  

    Impulse buying is a powerful tool in sales, but the downside is that things can dampen once a customer gets to the checkout page, leading them to leave.

    An excellent tool which is available with most ecommerce website builders is the “abandoned cart” system, which enables you to send automatic emails to customers that left the website at that stage, with the goal of bringing them back. 

    The success rates for this strategy are high, leading to 20-50% of customers to come back.

    Some ideas include:

    • Offering a discount for completing the sale
    • Adding a freebie into the cart 

    Bring-A-Friend Offers 

    They say that bringing in repeat business from an existing customer is infinitely easier than making a new sale.

    Bringing a friend is an extension of this principle, encouraging your customers to share your store with others.  

    Some ideas include: 

    • A fixed amount off for each friend that is referred (for example $50)
    • A percentage-off coupon to be applied any time (for example, 15% off)
    • For subscription models, you can offer 1-3 months free, depending on the pricing 

    Retargeting Promotions 

    Retargeting ads are powerful as they specifically target potential customers that have visited your website before.

    Once a visitor knows who you are, promotions can be tailored in more accurate ways to make the sale. 

    Here are some ideas: 

    • “Come back” promotions which acknowledge the fact that a visitor left the site, and offer a discount code to return.
    • A specific retargeting ad which includes an image of a product that the visitor was looking at, prompting them to return and get the product for a lower price. Oftentimes this seals the deal, particularly if there had been interest in a particular product. A lower price offering than the one seen before is a classic way to nudge someone over the edge to complete the sale. 

    Competitions And Giveaways 

    Online competitions are exciting, boost engagement and famously increase traffic.

    The beauty is, the participants of the competition are the ones helping you to promote your website which creates a multi-dimensional marketing effort which can work wonders for your site.  

    For example, a make-up competition where people would have to upload photos of their work in order to participate in the competition would flood your feed with interesting and engaging photos.

    The winner would get a free gift, and for you - this is a marketing budget well spent.

    The best way to go about this strategy is to: 

    • Think of a relevant and engaging competition that is in line with your niche and relevant to your brand.
    • Create an action that would prompt participants to send photos, videos, or any other engaging content that is likely to be shared. 

    Free Shipping Promotions

    Customers love free shipping. There is something about this promotion type that is highly appealing to customers, even more than discounts.

    People like clean and easy pricing models with no surprises at checkout, so they enjoy seeing free shipping promotions which will guarantee that all they pay is for the product itself. 

    Consider limiting this promotion to create urgency, or you can embed it into your website as a constant ongoing benefit as many websites do today. 

    Leave-A-Review Offers

    Customers are quick to complain when there is a problem, but perhaps not so quick to share a positive experience.

    Typically, customers are happy to share good reviews when reminded or asked to do so. All you need to do is ask, and sweeten the deal with an offer.  

    By offering a discount or gift card you can show that you appreciate your customer’s business and gain new business through word of mouth which is well known to be a powerful driver for higher sales.

    Bottom Line 

    These ideas can be applied easily through a variety of extensions and apps that are available on all of the reputable ecommerce website builders.

    Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace and more can offer apps to apply banners to your website, generate coupons and discount codes, and set up referral systems for facilitating marketing through word of mouth. 

     These tools are an integral part of any ecommerce marketing strategy and can help your bottom line and boost sales.