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    Best Live Chat Software For Your Ecommerce Website

    Online shoppers want personalized experiences and prompt responses to queries. If you sell products online, your customers will have a lot of questions with them. Having live chat software for website visitors can help you better manage questions in real-time and deliver the best service. It also boosts sales and customer loyalty.

    There’s an abundance of live chat support software in the market, and each is designed to meet different types of business needs. We’ve put together a list of the best options to consider. 

    1. Sendinblue

    With Sendinblue Chat, you’ll be able to connect and communicate with your customers and website visitors in real-time. The company offers a straightforward chat interface complete with a full-fledged admin panel. You can set up the chat environment as required and can personalize it with your brand logo and more.

    Setting up the chat interface is easy and almost everyone can do it on their own. All you need to do is copy the code snippet and paste it into the website’s header. Online store owners can answer customer queries in an instant. To give you more control, you’ll be able to see the exact page from where the visitor generated the chat. Moreover, you can add team members, assign chats, and integrate the chat data with your other marketing campaigns.

    Pricing - $66/month 

    Best For – Works best for medium to large businesses as you also receive 120,000 emails per month, Facebook ads, marketing automation, and multi-user access.

    2. Pure Chat

    This software works as an instant messenger while allowing you to see previous chat transcripts. All of the settings are easily accessible from the dashboard and implementation is equally straightforward. You can either copy-paste the code snippet in the site’s header or use plugins if the website is built on WordPress or Shopify.

    We think one of the biggest upsides of Pure Chat is its reporting feature. You’ll be able to see important metrics to better streamline your customer service. Furthermore, you can chat with the website visitors on the Android and iOS apps as well.

    The software gives store owners an array of advanced features like a view of each website visitor, off-hours lead capturing, email list building and more. Most importantly, this live chat software can be easily integrated with a lot of 3rd party applications.

    Pricing - Free or $99/month

    Best For – Best for small to medium-sized business and marketing teams or agencies seeking to generate more leads through data-driven insights.

    3. LiveChat

    Featuring a built-in ticketing system, this software is used across 150 countries by ecommerce and customer service businesses of all shapes and sizes. LiveChat comes as a simple tool, designed with attention to detail and with as short a learning curve as possible to ensure the solution is easy for new agents to pick up.

    Great usability and dedicated apps for Windows, Macs and mobile devices make customer service easy, simple, and efficient. What separates LiveChat from all other providers is the excellent customer support offered by a team of passionate people.

    You’ll get a lot of features like ticket and case management, response automation, ticket collaboration, attachments and screen shares, pop-up notifications, reporting and analytics, and a lot more.

    Price - Starts at $16/seat per month

    Best For - This live chat software fits every industry and business irrespective of size. Small businesses, startups, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises can all use this solution without any hiccups.

    4. Casengo

    Casengo offers a shared team inbox so you can store customer inquiries, private notes, and tickets. The software supports multiple communication channels that include Facebook Messenger, email, live chat, and WhatsApp.

    The company also provides self-service and knowledge base management features for businesses. Additionally, it offers premium customer support over phone, chat, and email. The interface boasts a modern look and feel. However, the software lacks monitoring and customer-tracking features.

    Social networking is an essential aspect of the Casengo live chat program. You can put buttons that serve as live chat invites on your social media sites and use them as part of your support outreach. Casengo combines with Google Analytics for many more opportunities to use data to highlight market strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and other CRM solutions.

    Pricing – Starts at $31.29/user per month

    Best For – Small and medium-sized businesses, other online retailers with a cumulative strength of 1 to 100 employees looking to scale the business.

    5. Cliq Chat

    Formerly known as Zoho Chat, this provides a unique feature called Shoutbox which lets your website’s visitors interact with each other while browsing. The software features a simple yet effective interface that’s accessible from your mobile devices.

    It also allows your team to communicate and collaborate in real-time by sharing video and audio attachments for easier tracking. Furthermore, you can integrate it with most of the 3rd party applications like Slack, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Zapier, GitHub, and more.

    You have an option to choose monthly or annual subscriptions. Some additional features include document management, team video calling, channel-based permissions, and drag-and-drop sharing.

    Price – Essentially free, but premium plans start at $3/user per month

    Best For – Small business with the need for a dedicated live chat-only software. We recommend that you use it if you’re already using other Zoho applications on your ecommerce website.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Live Chat App?

    A live chat app lets you have conversations and engage with your customers when they're visiting your website. It's extremely easy and consumers appreciate it because it's faster than any other online service channel.

    • Increased Conversions & Sales - When visiting your website, your clients and prospects may have concerns about your product or service. You can address them directly with live chat while a prospective buyer is already on your website.
    • Cost-Effective Solution – One live chat assistant can handle multiple queries at the same time while maintaining a good customer satisfaction score. With live chat software, you can also cut down on human resource costs.
    • Relationship Nurturing – Live chat is a non-intrusive method of contact. With prompt answers, you’ll be able to build strong relationships with website visitors.
    • Enhanced Credibility – Adding live chat software to your ecommerce website adds credibility. When your visitors realize that you’re available on the other side to address their questions, they’ll likely start trusting your online brand.
    • Advanced Analytics – Most live chat software offers detailed analytics and monitoring capabilities that help businesses understand how customers interact on their websites. This provides insights on customer behavior that businesses can use to better streamline their marketing offers.
    • No Language Barrier – Live chat software supports a variety of languages. If you do business internationally, a live chat option can sort the problem of translating or hiring multilingual customer service representatives.