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    4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Google Shopping

    Google Shopping

    If you own an online store and are looking for an effective way to increase sales, Google Shopping is the best place to start. It’s the easiest way to showcase your products to people who are actively searching online to buy.

    However, don’t mistake Google Shopping for an online marketplace. The platform is a part of the consumer shopping engine (CSE), a search engine that shows consumers a comparison of the prices of products advertised by different sellers. When used properly, this tool drives traffic for retailers. 

    Here are four Google Shopping tips to help you generate a better return on advertising spend (ROAS).

    Use Clear And Engaging Visuals

    Shopping ads are designed to focus more on the visuals. This has helped numerous brands increase their leads by 30%.

    A product search shows text rich advertisements which can often be unappealing. On the other hand, a visual catches the viewer’s attention quicker than long lines of text. Therefore, advertisements with clear pictures motivate potential customers to click on the CTA. These individuals will then look for more data like reviews, ratings, and price. 

    Google Shopping makes it easy for consumers to purchase without spending a lot of time shuffling between different websites.

    Leverage On Paid Search Ads

    Google Search is a great tool and retailers can make the most out of it by investing in pay per click (PPC) ads. The major benefits of paid ads include:

    • Generate optimum information, both visual and text, that’s required to make a purchase
    • The ads aren’t keyword-based but product description based, which shows the user the search results that best fit their requirements 
    • A single investment gives merchants a chance to be visible on three search results: SERP, PPC advert, and shopping. This multiplies the chance of being visible to consumers threefold
    • Google Analytics offers powerful reporting with which users can monitor their advertisements and run simulations depending on growth opportunities

    Price Your Products Competitively

    While the search results make shopping easier for the customer, the biggest challenge for retailers when using Google Shopping is that all their competitions are listed side by side in the same space. Thus, if you don’t price your products competitively, you’ll find it extremely difficult to drive sales and conversions. 

    The trick here is to find a balanced value between the perceived value of a product and the buyer’s price expectations. Additionally, you might also want to add some focused information in your product description so it shows up higher in search results. 

    It’s essential to integrate good payment options that offer faster checkout. Online stores that accept Google Pay and other similar payment mediums report that they’ve satisfied customers who often become repeat buyers. Integrating these payment options with Google Shopping merchant accounts boosts the payment process, making it more convenient for all parties involved. 

    Make Sure You're Gathering The Right Data

    This platform doesn’t let you pick keywords for campaigns, hence you have to rely on your product data.

    You need to make sure that the product categories and subcategories are well-defined and straightforward. If you create broad categories, it’ll lead to unwanted clicks and impressions. Moreover, the Google merchant center in Shopify allows you to sync product feeds and run smart campaigns.

    If your store is on a different platform, make sure to maintain a proper database of the products listed in your campaigns, including but not limited to:

    • The item’s unique id code
    • The product title, complete with the brand name, color, and style
    • A detailed description of the merchandise
    • URL to the landing page of the product
    • URL of the product image on the landing page
    • Availability status of the product
    • The exact selling price has to be mentioned along with the currency of the country where it’s sold
    • The product category as defined by Google
    • Brand Name

    The Bottom Line

    Google Shopping is an effective way to boost ecommerce businesses by providing exact data, creating a great shopping experience for the user, and optimizing paid ads. Use the tips listed above to start running optimized Google Shopping ads to generate more traffic, higher conversions, and better ROIs.