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Building a successful E-Commerce site can be notoriously difficult, even for a successful E-Commerce expert like myself. That is why I started this site to help provide honest brand reviews, helpful tips, and essential service information to make the navigation of the market less complex.

Jaromir Barka

Jaromir Barka

Ecommerce Specialist

Building an Ecommerce store from scratch is no easy feat, and we understand the logistical challenges and pitfalls of constructing an Ecommerce site thanks to our own first-hand experience. 

Luckily, we’ve been fortunate to overcome the challenges by testing and evaluating numerous Ecommerce website building options, helping us define the best features along with the biggest drawbacks of each. Accordingly, we’ve compiled a wealth of resources that are designed to ensure you get the most of your Ecommerce website builder.

Whether running a small or large business, knowing the shortcuts and questions to ask is key to maximizing your Ecommerce store’s potential.