Best Ecommerce Website Builders for 2021

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What is a Website Builder?

Website builders are tailor-made packages that let you build a website quickly and easily. You don't need any coding expertise or design skills to get started. Drag-and-drop functionality gets it done.

Different Types of Websites Builders

Is your website for personal or commercial use? Are you looking to set up a blog, a portfolio of your artwork, photography, music or literature, or maybe even an eCommerce platform?

Let's take a look at your options:

• Business
• Portfolio
• Blog websites
• eCommerce websites

Now let's take a closer look at eCommerce website builders

Before website builders got easy, they were difficult to work with. Website builders needed a knowledge of coding (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS) to get started. Nowadays, you can create a blog, eCommerce platform, or a portfolio to showcase your creative flair with zero coding knowledge.

A basic understanding of templates is needed to get started. Everything else is customizable, and we will show you exactly what you need to know.

Top 6 eCommerce Platforms for 2021

Wix - AI functionality, and multiple business plans from stores.
Shopify - intuitive, easy-to-use website builder ideal for newbies with a unique pricing model.
Squarespace – high-quality website design ideal for SMEs, with lots of added extras.
BigCommerce - great for medium-and large online stores with feature-rich elements in the editor, best for experienced builders.
Weebly - simple and easy to use editor with limited flexibility, budget-friendly and surprisingly easy to transfer to another host.
Volusion - a powerful eCommerce solution for designing workshops, launching campaigns and editing product catalogs.

1. Wix

It is a leading eCommerce Builder that gives you creative carte blanche with an array of styles, templates and customized site builder features.

It is great if:

  • You want a tailor-made, beautiful small business websites
  • You want a presence online with full mobile commerce functionality

Notable Wix features include:

  • Feature-rich eCommerce Platform
  • Intuitive Website Builder options
VIP$39 per month
Pro Plan$22 per month
Unlimited Plan$17 per month
Combo Plan$13 per month
Enterprise Plan$500 per month

Business VIP

Business Unlimited

Business Basic

$49 per month

$27 per month

$23 per month

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2. Shopify

 A feature-rich set of free tools for marketing, managing and growing your business online. 

It is great if:

  • You want an all-in-one website builder with hosting and easy product management
  • You want lots of eCommerce Templates to choose from 

Notable Shopify features include:

  • Full mobile commerce functionality 
  • 70+ professionally themed templates
  • Dropshipping and Order Fulfillment solutions 
  • 100 payment gateways with competitive shipping rates


Basic Shopify Plan$29 per month
Shopify Plan$79 per month
Advanced Shopify Plan$299 per month

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3. Squarespace

Serves as an intuitive, all-in-one website building platform for creating a dynamic, robust online presence.

It is for you if…

  • You want to switch templates without losing any content
  • You are looking for a Powerful Platform for an online store, blog, pages, and multiple author features 

Squarespace is peppered with features, including the following:

  • Custom CSS
  • Direct Editing Options
  • Built-In Mobile Websites
  • Custom What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor


Personal Plan: $12 per monthBasic Commerce Plan: $26 per month
Business Plan: $18 per month Advanced Commerce Plan: $40 per month 

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4. BigCommerce

It is the go-to eCommerce Builder solution if you’re looking to create a truly stylish, differentiated, enterprise-level website.

It is great if:

  • You want a fully scalable and secure platform
  • You want to accelerate the growth of your business

Notable BigCommerce features include:

  • Fully customizable storefront design
  • Maximum speed, functionality and SEO optimization
  • Localized payment solutions with multi-language features
  • Multi-channel commercial activity in marketplaces and social commerce
Standard Plan$29.95 per month
Plus Plan$79.95 per month
Pro Plan$249.95 per month
Enterprise PlanCustom Pricing

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5. Weebly

It allows you to build a free website with a wide range of customization features at your fingertips.

It is great if:

  • You want an easy way to grow your business online
  • You want to create a unique website that differentiates your brand

Notable Weebly features include:

  • SEO tools to boost search engine ranking
  • Multiple third-party apps and integrations supported
  • Wide range of design options with templates and photos


Free PlanFree
Connect Plan$5 per month
Pro Plan$12 per month
Business Plan$25 per month

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6. Volusion

Offers a complete eCommerce solution for building a successful online store.

It is great if:

  • You want to create a visually-appealing website
  • You want the best sales, marketing and SEO features

Notable Volusion features include:

  • Easily customizable store editor
  • Fully integrated with ApplePay, Stripe, and PayPal
  • Google Analytics, SEO Tools, and Discount Manager


Personal Plan$26 per month
Professional Plan$71 per month
Startup Plan$161 per month
Business Plan$269 per month
Prime PlanCustom Pricing 

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How do we Choose the Best Website Builder for eCommerce?

    Platform testing – how responsive and functional is the platform?
    Feature comparisons – apps and integrations, payment methods, social sharing, etc
    Support – overall quality of technical support from eCommerce Builder agents, professionalism, proficiency, and promptness
    Value for Money – cost/benefit analysis and features provided by the eCommerce Builder
    Ease of Use – can you build your own eCommerce website?
    Third-Party Integrations – Details of useful integrations that are compatible with the eCommerce Builders.
    Payment Gateways – these are the ‘middlemen’ between customers and your payment processor. Once data is input into your site, the payment gateway safely sends it to the payment processing company.  
    Hosting – optimal hosting solution for your eCommerce Builder.
    Speed – Rapid loading is essential for eCommerce sites. 

    Major Website Building Trends in Upcoming Year

    According to Internet Live Stats, the global number of websites in 2019 is 1.72 billion and it is expected to be $4.5 trillion worldwide eCommerce sales by 2021.

    By 2040, 95% of purchases are expected to come from eCommerce activity

    Rising retail eCommerce sales

    It comes as no surprise that online sales offer added comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness over traditional retail sales. Online sales across the board comprised 11.813% of retail expenditure in February 2019. General merchandise sales through traditional stores comprised 11.807% of total sales and while online sales are expected to increase 14.8% year-on-year, traditional retail sales will grow by just 1.9%.

    The following chart illustrates the projected eCommerce growth courtesy of eMarketer:

    Retail eCommerce

    • 2020 – 14.3% year-on-year growth to $686.52 billion
    • 2021 – 13.7% year-on-year growth to $780.57 billion
    • 2022 – 13.3% year-on-year growth to $884.38 billion
    • 2023 – 10.5% year-on-year growth to $915 billion

      PWA for eCommerce Websites

      Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality allows your website to function as if it is an app. Thanks to innovative developments in browser functionality, push interfaces, and cache, users can easily add websites to their home screen and receive messages with no Internet connectivity. 

      Customer Support

      Nowadays, eCommerce platforms offer cutting-edge customer support services. Many of these feature unique AI learning engines capable of self-populating with Q&A. Customer support services encompass chatbots, and real-time communications software for enhanced services, and sales-oriented conversions.

      Chatbots are regarded as the ‘voice’ in consumer retail communications. These software programs maintain quasi-conversations with real people via digital chats. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology offer enhanced customer support and service since they mimic real person-to-person exchanges.


      Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in eCommerce applications. Businesses can use AI technology for predictive processes, and deliver customized experiences for individual users. It is used for studying and acquiring customer behavior. By personalizing the customer journey, it is possible to increase online sales much faster than at a brick and mortar outlet. 

      The Leading eCommerce Builders in the Top 1 Million Websites

      Extensive analysis of the eCommerce Builder industry has revealed interesting insights regarding the Top 1 Million sites.

      Information is provided courtesy of BuiltWith data: 

      • WooCommerce checkout 26%
      • Shopify 18%
      • Magento 9%
      • OpenCart 5%
      • BigCommerce 35%
      • Other 39%


      Bottom Line

      Building a successful eCommerce site doesn’t have to mean a big budget, but instead identifying the tools and services that can help streamline the launch of an intuitive and user-friendly buying experience.  Accordingly, it’s wise to read all the available eCommerce builder reviews to find the appropriate option to match your business’s unique demands and capture your audience’s attention.